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  1. another suggestion for the section would be to do a layout like this Example below so everything is not clustered into 1 huge paragraph Appearance:Sexing:Accommodation:Caging:Feeding:Molting:. Reproduction:Ootheca:Brief Description:
  2. I have seen that Orin has started a few with a good layout, but I think there needs to be some prey types and maybe some do's and don'ts with each species, and maybe an enclosure needs, sorry just some thoughts
  3. LoL Peter that is what I was just think when I read all this, that 1 person should be in charge of editing and adding content as it comes in, so that the full care sheet it self is in the first post, and people that contrubted to the care sheet is listed in the second or third post and have pictures maybe in the second of that species, so its not all scattered in a thread
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