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  1. I use a canon 5Ds with either a MP-e 65mm or 100 f2.8 L macro. I use alien bees for lighting. I have some tripods and focusing rails obviously. I also have tubes, bellow, etc but they're just not that useful with this lens set up. They are a cheap way to get macro though. I would suggest a focus rail for extreme macro work. The one linked bellow is cheap and quite usable. There's some wiggle when it's not tightened but at that price you literally can't complain. To get anything better is hilariously expensive. https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Focusing-Close-Up-Shooting-Standard/dp/B009SJ7UWU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1516740689&sr=8-3&keywords=focusing+rail
  2. aesculpius

    Mantis Head

    The 'scans' are done using photogrametry in which you take a lot of pictures (80-120 for good one) and run it through a program. Usually there is then a lot of clean up on the scan in 3D editing program. Once ready you then run it through a slicer and print it in a 3D printer. The head has a rubber coating and the busts have a metal rod embedded into them and then that into a resign base.
  3. aesculpius

    20160120 7456

    Probably. I might have a male, I'm too lazy to check. I have three and one is quite a but a smaller than the other two. I also started with 5 but only lost 2. The two big ones are on houseflies now.
  4. aesculpius

    20160120 7456

    Hypsicorypha Gracilis if the person selling them to me was correct in their ID
  5. aesculpius

    Cryptic Model

    yes using photographs
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