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  1. nice! is that my leg?
  2. one male and one female. careful they are runners. she is lovely and so is your picture.
  3. Hi. I have nymph and ooths of Miomantis. DO you wana exchance for some mantid?

    Reggards and congratulation


  4. she laid a small ooth about 2 weeks after mating. kept getting bigger and bigger.until a small hole on her back starting oozing black goo. Feces? i let her go on until final twitching months later. maybe should have stopped feeding her as much even though she'd eat?

  5. Josh frogs, got big ones


  6. Happy Birthday i hope you have a great day!

  7. The last few weeks i didn't have flys so for 2 weeks i fed them meal worms, i just got some coming in this week. I worry about them getting black death.

  8. still have the ooth? I will purchase if so.

  9. hibiscusmile

    Mantis Head

    These are very nice, did u do them?
  10. I have ghost, chinese, budwing, asian, pate's, not sure what else.

  11. hi, I would send u fresh spikes today if you leave me message at my email and see how they do if they go out on a monday. Mysterymantis@gmail.com

  12. Happy birthday. So how old are you now? I am joking. I have heard it is impolite to ask a women's age, especially a bit old person. And maybe you would have put your birth year on your profile if you wanted people to know how old you were.

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