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About Me

I enjoy many things, one is sewing, another is cooking, but mostly playing with my grandchildren! I am married, have two grown married sons and three grandchildren and two step great grand children! I live in the country and have a shepard named Abby! Shes a mess! Almost as much as my grandbabies. I have spent all my life working.

I love doing electric and make lamps in any spare time I used to have, don't have any anymore! Learned this at my fathers knees! He only replace lamp cords, but thats all I needed to get started. My father was a chef in the service and continued that in civilian life, that with my southern mother, makes me an excellant cook if I do say so myself! and I do :tt2:

Started sewing with my mom around the age of seven and have taught sewing in jr high school and have been sewing ever since. Worked with my brother in his upholstery shop too.

Got married young and started to learn how to use tools. Got my first circular saw on my 33rd birthday from my husband. Got tired of me using histongue.gif . I enjoy working with tools and have made a dresser and nightstand out of oak and it is the strongest furniture in my home.

I am self taught on the pc and remember from my dos years. Do bookeeping for my husbands business and have spent many years installing glass and shower doors with him. Almost any shower door I put in takes only 20 minutes with caulking and never been called back for leaks!

Doing woodwork is a lot of fun, but don't have time for it anymore. Always had a big garden (1/4 acre ) but now confind my dirt time to my hibiscus flowers and the few plants I keep in the Bugatorium.

I have raise cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, ducks, geese, turkeys (all the birds from eggs) and a number of other animals including Great Danes.

I used to love reading and still do, but I cannot sit to long so reading is not as enjoyable as it used to be, but I do love tv! Especially black and white movies! I do so love audio books and intend to order the Bible dramatized version so I can just listen to it with the music in the background.

I am a Christian and Love the Lord Jesus Christ, do you know him? Philippians 2: 9 - 11

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