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  1. nice! is that my leg?
  2. one male and one female. careful they are runners. she is lovely and so is your picture.
  3. Josh frogs, got big ones


  4. still have the ooth? I will purchase if so.

  5. hibiscusmile

    Mantis Head

    These are very nice, did u do them?
  6. I have ghost, chinese, budwing, asian, pate's, not sure what else.

  7. hi, I would send u fresh spikes today if you leave me message at my email and see how they do if they go out on a monday. Mysterymantis@gmail.com

  8. As of Dec. 2006 I have been here for 6 years ! Is that a long time or what!
  9. Hey its Jamie...I just wanted to say thankyou. I absolutely love my Mantis! They are the such awesome creatures.I will become a regular customer and cant wait for my next Mantis. If you have any suggestions on my next one, please let me know what you think.Untill then, take care. ~
  10. Hi, I received my order of 4 Budwing Mantis nymphs today and couldn't be happier. They arrived very lively and one of them molted on the way! I also wanted to say thanks for the fly pupae that was included in the box with them. I just wanted to let you know that they made it, they're all set up in their new homes and looking good. I'll definitely be ordering from you again!Thanks for a great experience,Chris
  11. Hi Rebecca, Just wanted to let you know that I received the little monsters. They are just too cute! I really didn't expect them to be so tiny but they are adorable. I can't tell you how excited my daughter will be when she sees them. Thank you so much! My buying experience from you has been phenomenal! Regards, Janet
  12. I just wanted to say thank-you very much. The mantids arrived alive and well. The packing was awesome. And I was surprised that you sent me an extra mantis also that they were labeled male and female. One question, there was a small cup filled with small brown pupae, bigger than fruit flies. Are these blue bottle flies? Again, thank-you very much, you went above and beyond what I expected. Let me know when those orchids hatch
  13. Hi Rebecca The order just arrived, The mantis are PERFECT!!!, SO BEAUTIFUL AND HEALTY. As soon they arrived i fed them and all are eating Thanks for the extra 3 mantis You are the best, See you soon for another orders, thanks again E.
  14. hibiscusmile


    Rebecca, This is my third mantis purchase from you and I could not be happier. I got a ghost mantis and an awesome mystery mantis and both just enjoyed a housefly from the pupae you sent. Thanks a ton. B
  15. Hey you, I just want to say first off the box o mantis was awesome, I have never received such well packed and great looking mantis. Two of the mantis had molted on the trip with no problems what so ever. And all came out ready to eat and pose for pics of course. I have a female ghost mantis that chose a weird spot and mismolted,(im hand feeding but not sure she going to pull through) I’m looking for maybe l-4 ghost? Was wondering what age your 4@15 were? But anyway I do have a shopping list here for you….. lol I got the fever I’m afraid.. lol
  16. sure, send an order in!

  17. Sorry about the late notice, we've had some internet issues here. Just wanted to let you know that the mantids arrived, safe and sound, and are eating and doing very well here. One of the little chaps molted earlier! <3 He looks so much bigger now, it's sort of amazing, really surprised me. Really enjoying them, I will definitely refer to you in the future should I get more of these guys. Thank you so much,Jorie
  18. Rebecca, Thanks for the extra mystery mantis - It looks like a minerature scorpion or something. I have a question: I have a rather large all screen cage (for a butterfly or something) It looks like it would contain the mantis... Is there such a thing as too large of a cage? probably 2foot by 2foot but seems secure enough that the mantis should not escape. Thanks, Chad
  19. Rebecca, This is my third mantis purchase from you and I could not be happier. I got a ghost mantis and an awesome mystery mantis and both just enjoyed a housefly from the pupae you sent. Thanks a ton. Brian
  20. Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much! Nick is soooo happy. He says she is beautiful. We call her Miss Mantee. Kind Regards, Ann
  21. 3-9-11I got them! They were in good shape. The "Mystery Mantis" is fascinating - my students thought "he" was cute. I teach high school science. 2 of them molted this evening! Thanks! I recommended your site to several people today. Thanks again!Trish
  22. Rebecca, Thanks for the quick response. Thats awesome. My curator ordered them and I really couldn"t tell what was what. They are in great shape. The mystery one has quite a "personality". One question....can they be housed together any longer? Thanks. Carol
  23. All arrived safe and sound without issues. Thank you for a great job in shipping. Harry
  24. To Rebecca, Thank you for your prompt and professional email and service! My husband if VERY Happy with the praymantis:)...It was his birthday present...He LOVES mantis's!...We received the mantis's today...and to our suprise there were 2!....Thank you again very much... Sincerely, Sarah F
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