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  1. junchoigo1


    nymphs of Hierodula patellifera (Serville)
  2. Wow! Tenodera sinensis is very common mantis in Korea! I'm really glad to see same speice(Tenodera) in this Mantid Forum site (: *i'm a korean matis mania^^
  3. junchoigo1

    The Insects

    Everyone can see insects in South Korea.
  4. Chinese mantis, Tenodera sinensis is very common mantis in South Korea. So I can see them on grass, near the river, mountain etc.. And Tenodera sinensis is the biggest maintis in South Korea. It can grow 8~10cm (≒ 3~4 inches)
  5. Conocephalus japonicus (Redtenbacher, 1891) ◀male http://serviceapi.nmv.naver.com/flash/convertIframeTag.nhn?vid=A2D3A73E2292FF27930CA1F9C4B3F1CB3996&outKey=V1210419e148657b598c8264feef201e046b6cc303c767f9907b3264feef201e046b6&width=720&height=438 ▲ Sound of 'Conocephalus japonicus' (Click) It sounds 'sik,sik,sik,sik...' Length : male 14-16mm, female 17-22mm I can see them in August-November in Korea.
  6. junchoigo1


    I'm a Korean insects Lover. http://blog.naver.com/junchoigo1 ▲ this is a Korean Blog. so if you want to see my blog, click it! I'll write more interesting posts in this blog! Thank you ^^
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