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    Multi-untalented musician,guitar/keys/drums. 80's Arcade games/Pinball,Disc Golf,and Inverts of all kinds.

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  1. Got a healthy A. purpurea sac,first breeding attempt,couldn't upload pic,old PC,new one coming soon.

    Lotta different kinds of babies to send at ya soon,multiple type projects going on,yur mailbox full.

    Holler Buddy!

  2. (Very near)future Tarantula breeder,wanting to get back into Mantids,miss having them around.

  3. Rogerpoco

    East Tennessee Inverts

    Mostly things from my yard,mebbe a few exotics here and there
  4. Wonder if the simple act of feeding an OBT will ever stop feeling like the first few seconds after just missing a car accident...

  5. Man,if only my PM posts counted towards forum posts...

  6. Rogerpoco


    I'm probably wrong calling them Apheloria-I think they are(mostly)Brachoria mendota: http://tolweb.org/brachoria .
  7. Can't learn anything if you already know everything...

  8. Rogerpoco

    A. purpurea eggsac

    First Tarantula breeding attempt. Sooo excited!
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