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  1. I find it very difficult to believe that not a single soul here has a male Idolomantis. This is getting a bit ridiculous... 

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    2. LAME


      Not very many, if any at all are keeping them it seems... I have not tried either of those members... to be honest I didn't even think Sally kept them. I'm not on Facebook, but i doubt anyone there has one either.

      I've tried everyone within the pool of members I had lined up for this cause, but apparently now no one has them, or simply will not respond. (Same situation as last year with Crowley...)

      I don't think exo is going on vacation this year, so it looks like I'm s.o.l on the whole thing. Very disappointing considering the efforts I put into designing the idolo friendly tanks and the years wasted. Kinda feels like I did myself in by helping everyone else try to breed, when I should've just been greedy,kept them all for myself, and got the job done.... this making them available here stateside.

      A foolish mistake, I will not make it again.

    3. Sticky


      I will ask around. Dont be down yet! Its not time for that yet.

    4. Sarah K

      Sarah K

      Yeah! Don't lose hope!

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