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  1. I find it very difficult to believe that not a single soul here has a male Idolomantis. This is getting a bit ridiculous... 

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    2. LAME


      Not very many, if any at all are keeping them it seems... I have not tried either of those members... to be honest I didn't even think Sally kept them. I'm not on Facebook, but i doubt anyone there has one either.

      I've tried everyone within the pool of members I had lined up for this cause, but apparently now no one has them, or simply will not respond. (Same situation as last year with Crowley...)

      I don't think exo is going on vacation this year, so it looks like I'm s.o.l on the whole thing. Very disappointing considering the efforts I put into designing the idolo friendly tanks and the years wasted. Kinda feels like I did myself in by helping everyone else try to breed, when I should've just been greedy,kept them all for myself, and got the job done.... this making them available here stateside.

      A foolish mistake, I will not make it again.

    3. Sticky


      I will ask around. Dont be down yet! Its not time for that yet.

    4. Sarah K

      Sarah K

      Yeah! Don't lose hope!

  2. I hate cats.

  3. Just finished my first bearded dragon cave (corner unit.) Looking really good! :) 

  4. +Changes come.

  5. LAME


    From the album: Untitled Album

    © LAME

  6. Finally some nice weather,  everyone's eating flies today! :)

    1. MantidBro


      sah weeeeet!

  7. Dude, Thomas.... congratulations on the promotion to administrator!  

  8. Welcome to the Green team bro! XD

  9. Release of the human dogma, I'm surrendering to a higher universe.


  10. Wooooo...I'm digging the new mantidforum update ^_^

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    2. LAME


      LOL!!... I can't find my friendlist. XD

      Still though, on the cellphone.. Its decent.

    3. MantidBro


      I think there's no longer a friends' list and we are supposed to "follow" people now. So we need to refollow everybody I think. But it's still really cool!

    4. Peter Clausen

      Peter Clausen

      MantidBro is right. The friend list isn't part of the new version.

  11. Happy birthday!

  12. LAME

    happy birthday bug.

  13. LAME

    Crowley. Day 4

    From the album: Untitled Album

    © LAME

  14. happy birthday Peter. :)

  15. The forum's "Black-sheep". ;)

  16. Making my return to the community, its been a minute but im drafting updates and shooting photos today.

    1. MantidBro


      nice! welcome back lol

  17. hey bro, im lovin' that cartoony mantid avatar lol. i must admit im a little jealous... do they come in Tenodera? ;)

    1. CosbyArt


      Thanks ;) At the moment that is the only one I've made (Stagmomantis carolina, started off with a photo of Susanna). Sweet thing is it's vector art I made in Inkscape - so it can be saved in any size (format from icon to billboard) and look just as sharp. Perhaps when I get some free time I can surprise you with a Tenodera. :D

  18. happy birthday!

  19. Or add gauze, moss, or I've even used coffee filters as a divider on the rocks.. Then a good few inches of dirt. Build yourself a terrarium Looks nice though.
  20. LAME

    Orchid Mantis L2

    From the album: Untitled Album

    A photo captured by my girlfriend, from the cell phone. I thought it was worthy of sharing, so kudos to her!

    © LAME

  21. Happy birthday! :)

  22. From the album: Untitled Album

    My favorite female griffin, she's such a gentle giant

    © LAME

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