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  1. Hi Exo, I'm new to the forum so i can't quite figure out how to respond to your post regarding C.Humeralis. Do you still have any of these nymphs available? My email is xxkespxx@gmail.com

    1. xSuperSpencex


      Sorry, I forgot to state I am living in North East England.

  2. Do you still have ooths available? My email is Toddafuller1972@gmail.com  or you can message me. Thank you.

  3. 00101_4PK02PuEzG1_600x450.jpgHey there!

    Would you be interested in trading any nymphs for Madagascan marbled mantis nymphs?


    Let me know your thoughts!



  4. Can't send message ? Wanted to see if you can send to the USA and what ooths u have with prices 

    thanks so much 

  5. What is your pricing for the Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii?

  6. What would shipping cost for a spiny flower mantis ooth cost sent to the united states michigan 48336?

  7. Tried to pm you,says Exo cant accept messages,was curious about P.paradoxa ooths

    1. ZIV


      Someone made a page about this guy being a scammer http://chujciwdupebartek.weebly.com

  8. Christian,

    Could you forward me your email adress ?

  9. Weta

    I have some wild caught ooths of Orthodera novaezealandiae for sale 3 Euro each plus 4 Euro postage.


    Richard Linrich@xtra.co.nz

  10. Hello, do you have any sphodropoda quinquedens?

  11. jday

    How much is moss Nantes ooth?

  12. Any moss mantids for sale? Don't mean to bug you but I've had my eye on them for a couple years now and would love to raise some. 

  13. please check Facebook messages!! :( I've been trying to contact you via mantidforum messenger and Facebook messenger, ever since you told me you were going to give me the tracking number. But now, it's like you're trying to ignore me, because i know that you're on, regardless of how busy and unavailable you say you are.

  14. Hi Exo.  I would like to buy an African Giant Ooth, please.

    Do you accept PayPal?

    My email is rebeccamcramer@yahoo.com.


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