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  1. -db-


    That's a really nice pic of Franklin!
  2. Haha. I found one of these last year and my kids wanted to keep it. We kept it until it turned into a moth. It was really cool to watch. Strange but cool looking creature!!
  3. -db-

    7th Molt

    Thanks... I used to take him outside but now I'm afraid he'll fly away!!!! ) Can't wait to see pics of yours after the molt!
  4. -db-

    5th Molt

    Yes, she was a beautiful green up to her last molt...now brown. I hope the green returns!!
  5. -db-

    Franklin L4

    I agree with LAME - he is awesome!! Also, excellent picture. I wish I could get some nice clear close-ups of mine.
  6. -db-

    6th Molt

    Thanks for both comments! I am feeding mine 90% wild caught grasshoppers. Other 10% - annoying house flies I want to get rid of ;o) ...and an occasional moth.
  7. -db-

    2 days before 5th molt

    Thanks! Sorry to hear about that...I only have one and would be devastated if he didn't make it next molt!!!
  8. -db-

    DSC 0063

    Awesome pic! I love the natural scenery with your pics.
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