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  1. Hey - there we go!! It was IE11 all along!!
  2. Ok - no, even with the pop-up blocker turned off, it freezes and will do nothing. That is with either trying to bring the complete URL over from Photo bucket or from Facebook. This Browser window is frozen and I have to close out of it.
  3. I always use the pop up blocker! Let me go turn that off and see if I am able to do it then. Usually it asks if I want to allow for the site, so I didn't even think about it being the problem. Thank Digger.
  4. I apologize that my post wasn't more clear. Happy, the video is pretty short. I tried uploading the link from Facebook. And yes, from YouTube. Y'all can see the video on our Facebook page "Crazy Eyes Chams" One thing I didn't mention is that my laptop is 8.1 and my browser is IE11. Not sure if that matters... Digger, Every time I tried to use that little green square, it locks up on me and I have to shut down the browser window. I have been able to post a lower grade photo taken from my phone, but nothing macro even when they are full links. This morning I found the Gallery part of the forum.
  5. Hi, I asked this question in another area, and I didn't get any answers. My husband shot some Macro photos for me of my Mantids and I tried to post them. I understand when they were too big from my laptop but then.... I have tried **everything**. I even purchased a subscription to Photo bucket. It said "could not save the URL image specified". Then I tried pointing it to the link on Facebook "Could not connect with the Server" and the HTML link said (again) "could not save the URL..." I have a really cool macro video of my Wahlbergii sitting on a flower eating a hornworm. I have no way to shar
  6. tlchams

    Wahlbergii's evening stroll :)

    We took macro shots of my Wahlbergii walking around and then stopping to eat a hornworm on a miniature orchid.
  7. tlchams

    Pseudocrebotra Wahlbergii

    Here are my new pictures that we took over the weekend of my Wahlbergii eating a Hornworm on top of a mini Orchid.
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