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  1. Hey! Saw your post! Not totally sure if we’ve done business before on here or maybe through the facebook groups but anyway here is my stock list;

    Orchids L6/pre-sub female (1 left)

    Theopropus Elegans (banded flower mantis) L2/3

    Rhombodera Basalis L2/3

    Sphodromantis Lineola L3/4(3 left!)

    Rhombodera Valida L3/4

    might also end up having Hestiasula Major in stock in the coming weeks but that’s no guarantee. Let me know what interests you! 

  2. Hello have ooths for sale :


    gongylus 35€

    tenodera 20€

    stagmomantis 20€

  3. I am interested in the breeding program

    Please let me know the details


  4. Happy Birthday Denise - hope you have a great one. ;)

  5. dmina


    Ghost love to pose for a picture! Great shot!
  6. dmina

    5 14 2015

    love the look!
  7. dmina

    5 14 2015 3

    I think it's just happy to be out!
  8. dmina

    5 14 2015 2

    Don't look like anything is a bother...
  9. dmina

    4 9 2015 3

    Looks like walkin a tightrope
  10. dmina

    Giant mantids

    OMG... ya'all need a life... LMAO... Too funny!
  11. Great pics she looks like she enjoyed the day out
  12. What a cutie! Great photo... She traveled well.. thank goodness..
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