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  1. @izbiggs I moved your post to the Photography, Equipment, Tips, Q&A for more responses. Also take a look at the section as many things have been discussed before regarding basic use/tips/etc related to mantids in particular. If you have any specific questions just ask. Overall I'd say get a reversing ring to fit your lens (I commented in your photo topic), get a shutter release, and a decent tripod - that will get you much better results than much else. A cheap camera is a relative point to be sure - I know some members have free phone cameras to well over $10,000 if you include lens/
  2. I'm in the same boat on that as Photobucket sucks with all their ads and slowness anymore making it nearly unusable. One such alternative was Pixabay, but they have disabled hotlinking to images so they will not show on a forum, so it's no longer usable. In that regard if you sign-up somewhere to upload photos be sure it says hotlinking is allowed to save you the time and hassle of another useless host. Also another host, TinyPic, is actually part of Photobucket and has the same problems as the other. A quick search turn up these alternatives, with ImageShack being recommended by man
  3. Happy Birthday Denise - hope you have a great one. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great one. ;)

  5. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great one. ;)

  6. Introduction Scientific and common name: Acromantis japonica (Japanese boxer mantis) Physical description/appearance: L1 nymphs are black and look like tiny ants. Their legs have bands of alternating color (black/brown on gray/tan). As they age they develop a light brown color overall, and the top of their thorax and wings turn green. On the sides of their wings a bright green stripe is visible. Adult females are about 1" (2.5 cm) in size, and adult males are about 3/4" (2 cm). Native range: Southeast Asia - China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan Difficulty level: Beginner
  7. Happy Birthday - hope you had a great one. ;)

  8. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great one Tammy. ;)

  9. My Japanese boxers (Acromantis japonica) are mating - woohoo :)

  10. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great one. ;)

  11. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great one. ;)

  12. Happy Birthday - hope you had a great one Jordan. ;)

  13. Happy Birthday - hope you had a great one. ;)

  14. Adult mantids flashing their wings at any movement are silly. My Griffin thinks he is such a beast ;)

  15. My deadleaf lobata, Sammy, is finishing up her molt to adulthood and her wings are inflating (what a strange event). :)

    1. MantidBro


      Congrats!! isnt it cool to watch?? lol

    2. CosbyArt


      Yeah it is lol. I've had a few adults but never got to see the inflating until now (I've been photographing the event too).

    3. MantidBro


      Awesome! I love taking videos and photos of them during the molts/drying of the wings. :)

  16. Got a new hard drive Saturday and have been busy installing - finally feel like I am getting somewhere with reinstalling everything :)

  17. My PC hard drive has finally died - I'm using Linux Mint LIVE DVD to access anything like the forum, so forgive me if I'm not around much (what rotten luck lately... only good thing is I was able to pull the files off the Seagate 750GB drive to an external one before the final crash and it quit working at all)

    1. MantidBro


      sorry for the bad luck!

    2. CosbyArt


      Thanks, yeah it seems to been a rough time for a PC around here lol. At the moment I have it limping by until I get a replacement drive early next month. ;)

  18. It's been awhile since I've been here last, loosing internet for a month and trying to get caught back up - so hello :)

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    2. MantidBro


      Youre welcome, mine have been adults for quite a while now! They do have a lot of molts, the most molts I have witnessed in a species yet!

    3. LAME


      Whaaaaaaaat??.... I thought you died! Lol jk ;)

    4. CosbyArt


      Naah, just fell behind on posts, then lost internet for about a month (got a lot of catching up to do). :)

  19. It's caused by very shallow DOF (depth of field) due to the magnification, I have a few like that and liked the umbrella look it created too. To fix the issue you would have to do focus stacking, or better yet adjust your F-stop and other exposure triangle settings ISO/Shutter Speed/Aperture (but as it is a phone I highly doubt that is a option).
  20. I got some Budwing mantids from agent A today from a trade - so I have 10 species now out of about 2400 ;)

    1. MantidBro


      LOL awesome!

    2. CosbyArt


      Yeah just a few more to go :D

    3. MantidBro



      Same for me :D

  21. Happy Birthday Wolfie, hope you have a great day! :)

  22. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day! :)

  23. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day! :)

    1. Machinar94


      Thanks mate, I had a great day :)

    2. CosbyArt


      Your welcome, glad to hear it. :)

  24. Happy birthday Marty! Have a great day :)

  25. Got my trade from Denise yesterday, some Acromantis japonica and Creobroter pictipennis nymphs, Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers, and Dermestes beetles. ;)

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