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  1. Good news all around, it does grow on you - the only downfall it the inability to zoom out without using a smaller portion of the lens area (smaller pics). Sure that spot could be anything, blurred to much to be sure of anything, :)

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  2. Oh I forgot to mention - it seems like Delta has a mite on her right antenna (left side of the image). Might want to get some isopods and springtails in there to take care of any problem - if it is ;)

  3. Great photo, and glad to see your reversing setup is working for you. :)

    Depending on how much time you want to spend in photo processing (in other words adjusting color/focus/sharpness/manual editing (like removing any vignette (the tunnel effect from macro zoomed in a bit))/etc. it can help - most photographers spend hours per photo, much more than the time taking photos. :)

    Here are my results at some post-processing on your photo..


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