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  1. idologrl


    Thank you! blacknova. She is a stunner for sure.
  2. idologrl

    H. goldens who turned pink

    These are some of my H. goldens who actually turned pink. I have 3 adult females and two sub adult males that are this color. Should be interesting breeding these.
  3. idologrl

    My adult Idolo grl

    I have several at sub myself. It is exciting!!!! I jump for joy everytime one makes it.
  4. idologrl


    Very nice!
  5. idologrl


    I have two ooths that will hopefully hatch soon. I love this species. So many color variations. Some females are bright green while some are like this girl..She does have beautiful eyes...
  6. idologrl


    She is a beautiful girl. Should be laying another fertile ooth soon. I have two incubating now...I am hoping for big hatches.
  7. idologrl

    fusca girl

    My very pregnant fusca girl is so beautiful...
  8. My experience is that mismolts are the most amazing mantis. One of my favorite was a fusca grl who mismolted so bad that I had to hand feed her and give her water daily. She was so curious about everything and ended up being my husbands favorite. She died a month or so ago. I loved her...
  9. idologrl


    Well my other ooth just hatched out about 30 more of them! lol
  10. I accidently let some bbf go so took her out. She did the job :-D
  11. idologrl


    :-D The H. Golden is really big! The female that laid the golden ooth is like 6 inches according to the ruler she was sitting by.
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