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  1. I think so too idologrl, all the time I have spent bonding with her (cleaning, feeding and helping her) has shown me a completely different, innocent side of the mantis and brings out so much personality in her. I feel a connection with her as she would not be alive without me and I would not be happy without her. Sorry for your loss, I really understand what it must be like to lose that special one that you care so much for.
  2. Machinar94

    Hierodula Majuscula

    Photos of my Hierodula Majuscula, also known as the Australian Giant Rainforest Mantis.
  3. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day! :)

    1. Machinar94


      Thanks mate, I had a great day :)

    2. CosbyArt


      Your welcome, glad to hear it. :)

  4. Machinar94

    IMG 0761

    That looks amazing!
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