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  1. How much for damon medius? Do you do trades?

  2. Still thinking about them! Let me know if you still have them and what the shipping charges would be, your paypal info, and I'll break the piggy bank or something...for husband's birthday. Thanks, Patty (Not the crabby one, except sometimes) ?

  3. I was just looking for these last week and couldn't find any, and now I've ordered some others. Is this an easy species to raise, and do you breed them regularly? If you have no takers in a couple of weeks, I'll be happy to buy them, but I've spent all my spare cash for now :(


  4. Kevin, 

    If you would be willing to hold until they molt to L2, I would be interested in 5 giraffe?

    Thx lmk

  5. Sorry for the late reply, but do you have double shield mantids for sale

  6. New achievements: Mantis breeding/1st/2nd ooth produced. 

  7. KevinsWither


    New unknown species.
  8. It is 3 inches. It is a he. He died while mating with the female. I sent him for a breeding loan.
  9. New species for me: double shields, arizona bordered, carolina mantis

  10. Now my mantis enjoys a nice spider dessert. Don't worry, he is happy and is not bitten.

  11. KevinsWither

    IMG 1970

    She did not get bitten.
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