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  1. How much for damon medius? Do you do trades?

  2. Sorry for the late reply, but do you have double shield mantids for sale

  3. New achievements: Mantis breeding/1st/2nd ooth produced. 

  4. KevinsWither

    IMG 0655

    From the album: Hierodula

  5. KevinsWither


    New unknown species.
  6. KevinsWither

    IMG 0654

    From the album: Hierodula

  7. It is 3 inches. It is a he. He died while mating with the female. I sent him for a breeding loan.
  8. New species for me: double shields, arizona bordered, carolina mantis

  9. KevinsWither

    IMG 0014

    From the album: Hierodula

  10. KevinsWither

    IMG 0012

    From the album: Hierodula

  11. Now my mantis enjoys a nice spider dessert. Don't worry, he is happy and is not bitten.

  12. KevinsWither

    IMG 1970

    She did not get bitten.
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