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  1. Graceface you are wonderful, meticulous shipping and total pro to deal with. Thank you for the detailed on dates and info on the mantids received in perfect health. Well done! Highly recommended and hope you have more things for me to do business with you for! Keep in Touch.






  2. Hello,

    I was hoping to find out if you have any nymphs or ooths for sale?

    My name is Craig baker.


  3. How come the feedback about your delivery problems and non refunding doesnt show up?. Buyers beware of ChrisV

  4. What did you have to trade for the

    Phistospilota guineensis if i had males?

  5. Hi, I have an adult male M Slendidus and am desperate for a female. I see you posted on forum at one time you had an ooth. if any chance you'd have or know where i may find id be most grateful, Craig www.usmantis.com

  6. craigbaker

    Toxedera and Rare species

    Some of the rare and most interesting species Ive found. Feel free to comment or add what you may have or want
  7. I would like to post in mantis for sale wanted etc. I do not see a link to create new post and i did introduce myself

  8. Hi my friend mlikk from NY told me of you. we can do business soon i hope


    1. craigbaker


      We have been doing business. I mostly speak with your partner lately

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