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  1. what species of mantid do you keep?


    1. CosbyArt


      At the moment I have four, Brunneria borealis, Stagmomantis carolina, Tenodera sinensis,  Orthodera novaezealandiae. If your asking though if any are for sale, no what I have are just my pets. ;)

    2. Sphynx016


      its appears you have quite a variety:lol: i have one  brunneria

  2. um dude i heard you were interested in oxyopsis gracilis ;well a friend of mine has oxyopsis peruviana

  3. still have brunneria?


  4. do you sell miomantis paykullii?

  5. do you sell miomantis paykullii?

  6. you have miomamntis paykullii?

  7. Welcome to mantidforum.

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