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    pad thai, ramen, sushi, burgers, milk shakes, phõ, boba drinks, ice cream, chicken wings, seafood, chicken steak, popcorn chicken, cheese pasta, (egg) pudding, other JUNK FOOD!!

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  1. Your profile makes me hungry lol.

  2. I have a male budwing that I can send you. I'd be up for a trade if possible or even just a couple nymphs later if you are breeding. Let me know. 

    1. Starving Always
    2. Mantis Life

      Mantis Life

      Hey! So i've never shipped a mantid before so I don't really know the best way to do so. Would that be just insulating the out of a express shipped package? I'd love an budwing ooth if the mating goes successful and I could even send you back some nymphs once they hatch and reach L2-L3's. 


    3. Starving Always

      Starving Always

      yeah its kinda like that. make sure the box is insulated, and stuffed with newspaper so that the container doesn't move throughout the process. make sure he's full, and well sprayed. Add even some extra flies if you like. tape the container to the lid. and use priority shipping. express costs much more, although it gets to me faster, which is safer. i will send you an ootheca if breeding does be successful (: is he now adult yet?


  3. Hey, you might be in luck. I have an adult Budwing that I'd be willing to send you. He's in great shape and would help produce some nice little nymphs. I'm located in California so shipping wouldn't be bad. Email me if you're interested at vektorfour@gmail.com


    1. Starving Always

      Starving Always

      whoa i didn't see this.. I'm so sorry. For future reference, shoot me a PM so its easier for me to see it! and you've confirmed it's a male?

  4. please check Facebook messages!! :( I've been trying to contact you via mantidforum messenger and Facebook messenger, ever since you told me you were going to give me the tracking number. But now, it's like you're trying to ignore me, because i know that you're on, regardless of how busy and unavailable you say you are.

  5. spent almost $70 at mantisplace.com (many enclosures, housefly pupae) 


    also almost all the twig nymphs molted (:

  6. I thought I wrote this on here but I guess I didn't haha: 

    On Sunday, I ordered some twig nymphs from Yen! It is my first ever manis purchase that is shipped! The other mantids I had were all picked up. IM SO EXCITEDDDDDDD!!! Yen should be honored I came to him and bought from him first xD

  7. $96 spent already.. Down the drain it goes. (58 + 38) 

  8. spent almost $58 on mantis supplies from Neherp:

    -d. hydei culture (producing)

    -32oz cups w/ ventilated cloth lids

    -16 oz cups

    -ventilated cloth lids

    -ventilated screen lids

    -coco husk brick 

  9. where'd you get the mesh cages at? I'm planning to get some for my soon-to-come nymphs.
  10. i can't wait for Chinese New Year's!! its really close and Im planning on spending it on my collection and supplies (: the only thing I'm worried about is: my parents. they wouldn't want me to be spending so much on that stuff. hopefully, i can spend either half of my money or just some fair portion. :D

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