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  1. George is now an L5! (I think). Also, I am thinking he is a she. Lady George.


    1. Mantidaddicted


      Lol! Georgette.

  2. George and his cricket.


  3. I don't quite fully understand where to post random stuff, so I figure on my own wall is a safe bet. Still looking documentation on how to use the website, so if you have a link, and if anyone can read this (lol), let me know.

    George the Mantis is doing well - and by that I mean he/she is still alive. Someone on this forum identified him as an L3 sphodromantis lineola, or African Mantis. I upgraded his/her enclosure to allow for his rapid growth and, I think, upcoming molt. He still will not let me touch him with anything attached to me in any way. He will not get on a bamboo skewer or twig, but will run away from it in the direction I want him to eventually go. Once, I had him in a deli cup and left my finger inside the cup for 20 minutes, casually trying to coax him onto my hand millimeter by millimeter. Nope. I am resigned that he does not want to be picked up, and that's ok. He is allowed to be afraid of his great big human, who never in her life thought she would ever find herself worrying about having enough/the right size of flies in the house.

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