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  1. Still thinking about them! Let me know if you still have them and what the shipping charges would be, your paypal info, and I'll break the piggy bank or something...for husband's birthday. Thanks, Patty (Not the crabby one, except sometimes) ?

  2. I was just looking for these last week and couldn't find any, and now I've ordered some others. Is this an easy species to raise, and do you breed them regularly? If you have no takers in a couple of weeks, I'll be happy to buy them, but I've spent all my spare cash for now :(


  3. Could I get a couple more from you? Patty Gauss in St. Pete

    1. Mantis_M


      Of course! Go ahead and email me at michaelangelora@outlook.com or text 5162867644 :D


      Sorry about the late response ! 

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