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  1. Synapze

    Password issue - resolved

    Выйдите из своей учетной записи, а затем используйте опцию «забыли пароль», чтобы изменить его. Тогда авторизуйтесь. :) Reset password: Logout of your account and then use the "forgot password" option to change it. Then log back in. :)
  2. Synapze

    Wanted G. gongylodes

    Any instar Msg/text/email FL
  3. Synapze

    Wanted adult male Pseudempusa pinnapavonis

    Msg/Text/Email FL
  4. Synapze

    FS/Trade P. guineensis aka Mega Mantis

    P. guineensis L3/L4 and a couple of mature males.  PM / Email / Text 
  5. Synapze

    Wanted: Creobroter gemmus and urbanus nymphs

  6. Synapze

    Toxodera sp. care

    Anyone here on the forum working/planning on a care sheet for Toxodera? 
  7. Synapze


  8. Synapze

    Wanted: Pseudempusa pinnapavonis

    Pseudempusa pinnapavonis - L5 males or young nymphs of any instar.  PM / Email / Text US
  9. Synapze

    Wait time between mating

    I recently mated a H. orientalis and she laid an ooth today. I can't confirm the mating was successful... I was in the hospital when mating occurred but it was witnessed. Any suggestions how long should I wait before attempting to mate her again?  Thanks! 
  10. Synapze

    ISO - 1 or 2 Deroplatys truncata female nymphs

    Pm/Email/Text  FL
  11. Synapze

    Wanted: Luna moth caterpillars or cocoons.

    Wanted: Luna moth caterpillars or cocoons.  PM/Email/Text  FL 
  12. Synapze

    Mites in isopod enclosure

    ::sigh:: I know I'm probably not going to like the answers, but here goes.  I just started getting into isopods and created a nice large display enclosure. Fancier than the standard tubs most used. Everything has been going great and the isopods have been breeding like crazy. I decided to add...
  13. Synapze

    Isopods sharing enclosures

    Can Porcellio laevis 'Dairy Cow' and Porcellionides pruinosus ' Powder Orange' isopods share a single large enclosure? I would be removing excess adults as needed. 
  14. Synapze

    Wanted - Blue Death Feigning beetles

    If anyone has some specimens available please DM/Email/Txt me. Will buy or trade.  FL
  15. Synapze

    FS/Trade Peruvian Leaf male

    If anyone needs a fresh male Peruvian Leaf, let me know. Pay cost of shipping and a promise of a few nymphs if mating is successful.  Express shipping only... sorry.  FL US 
  16. Synapze

    ISO Stagmatoptera sp.

    PM/Email/Txt  US
  17. Synapze

    Wanted - Adult Male Omomantis zebrata

    Buy or trade Pm/Email/Txt US only. 
  18. Synapze

    Wanted- Gongylus gongylodes nymph

    Buy or trade PM/Email/Text  FL US 
  19. Synapze

    Wanted - Phyllocrania illudens

    Buy or trade  FL US PM/Email/Text
  20. Synapze

    Extended threat display

    I walked in on one of my adult female H. orientalis yesterday and she was already in threat display with no activity in the room. She held the threat pose for about 6 hours straight. I only observed her from a distance other than snapping one photo as not to agitate her.  Has anyone experienced...