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  1. Summerbug

    Strange smell

    I just caught a wild Chinese mantis a couple of days ago and notice a very fishy, strong smell. Oddly, she has a good appetite but does not pass any poop (frass). I've had her for 2 days. I feed her only small amounts. I notice the areas between her segments (on the abdomen) appear black...
  2. Summerbug

    Mantis silhouette & fall colors

    I found a bunch of these BIG (4.5 inch plus) T. sinensis in the meadows along the Appalachian Trail (in Virginia)
  3. Summerbug

    Nymph turning red!!

    Has anyone seen this type of problem with their mantis?  This is a T. sinensis who hatched May 19th and has had his third molt (not including hatch as a molt).  It was always the strongest and fastest growing among the ones I kept.  The last molt was June 13th. Then I noticed on the 16th that...
  4. Summerbug

    Is this a stag beetle (female)

    I am not never very good at identifying bugs (other than those that I have kept or am familiar with). My friend unfortunately found this guy deceased but hopes to find more of them alive and would like to know if anyone can ID it. Thanks!
  5. Summerbug

    Can anyone ID this critter?

    Does anyone know what this critter is? We found him inside our house and don’t know what he is or where he came from. I called him Houdini because he is good at getting out of cages. I want to release him back into the wild but would like to know what he is and where his habitat should be...