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  1. LAME

    (ISO): Male/ Idolomantis diabolica.

    I'm in desperate need of a male Idolomantis diabolica either older SUBADULT or FRESH ADULT. I am willing to pay completely in full or willing to make a breeders split on whatever is produced from my female. This will be my finale attempt at breeding this species (or any other...) for awhile.
  2. LAME


    What ever happened to the yearly contests?  :mellow:
  3. LAME

    [ISO]- Feeders.

    It's time for me to expand my live feeders, I'm searching for the following insects: Waxworms Kingworms (superworm) Dubia roaches Madagascar hissing cockroaches Anyone with decent numbers and willing to depart with some, send me a PM
  4. LAME

    Happy Halloween.

    Greetings my fellow forum friends, We would like to wish you all a safe, yet spooky All Hallows Eve this year. ;)
  5. LAME

    MHC- Fresh nymphs.

    I've got some fresh Madagascar hissing cockroach nymphs for grabs. They were produced Sep. 15th.. so very fresh indeed! :)   Big long living pets for anyone interested. 10ct/ $12 Plus shipping.
  6. LAME

    [FS.] S. Carolina adult male

    I have a adult male Stagmomantis carolina for sale. He's ready to breed, very active, and currently free flying in my bug room. ^_^ Asking $10 plus shipping (usps)
  7. LAME

    [FS] ooths for pinning.

    I have quite a few old ooths laying about in the freezer I don't think I'll be needing.  Pm me if interested for details 
  8. LAME

    [FS] Ghost nymphs.

    Hello community,  I've got a few ghost babies for grabs. :)  L2s are $10 each plus shipping. PM if interested.  US only.
  9. LAME

    The other addiction.

    Greetings community!  Just wanted to show off my newest additions to the crew. Not mantis related, but awesome nonetheless! A buddy at work had long talked about getting a bearded dragon in exchange for introducing him to the mantis hobby. A year down the road I finally received a phone call...
  10. LAME

    [FS] Chinese nymphs/ooth

    Greetings community members, I've had a large hatch of Chinese mantids that I'm looking to rehome. They're fresh hatchlings so I'm taking pre-orders until molts (roughly a week...) Also I have a few wild collected ooths that I'm willing to part with of the same species. (Nymphs hatched from...
  11. LAME

    Breeding Loan.

    Community, I'm in desperate need of an adult male idolomantis diabolica for breeding. I'm willing to make a 50/50 split on all ooths produced assuming breeding was successful.   ANYONE with a male please pm me. 
  12. LAME

    [FS] Ghost ooth.

    --!!!!!! SOLD !!!!!!-- I've got a ghost ooth from the community inspiration build I'm willing to part with. Asking $25 plus shipping ($7) Anyone interested Pm me. :) -USA only. 
  13. LAME

    [ISO] Idolomantis diabolica.

    Hello members, I'm looking to find a sub adult/ FRESH adult male Idolomantis for my female. Please contact me if you have one you can spare.
  14. LAME

    [FS] Griffin ooth.

    Heya community. I've got one Griffin ooth left of anyone's interested. $35 Us.
  15. LAME

    [FS] a few more...

    Hello community! I've got just a few more ladies that are in need of good homes. ×1 - budwing / female / subadult. X1 - hierodula sp. / female / L5 Also... X1 Tenodera sinensis ooth. Pm for details. -US.
  16. LAME

    [FS] Griffin nymphs/ooth

    Hello members. =) I've had a hatching today (10.04.15) of Griffin mantids. Asking $4 a nymph or 3 $10 Also I have a significantly larger ooth from the same female (Ivy.) laid on 10.01.15 I'm asking $35 for.. The first fertile ooth I got from my female has produced well over 100 nymphs, and it...
  17. LAME

    Orchid swap.

    Recently acquired 2 Orchids from a good friend here. They were L1's upon arrival. Under my girlfriends care they both have successfully grown to Pre-sub and subadult. Both I believe are indeed male's... Judging by the size alone. I'm looking to make a trade off, one of the males for a sub/...
  18. LAME

    Current Possessions.

    Hey community! I'm creating this thread to see what all of us are currently keeping at this time, who's you're most favorite of the bunch? Also curious to see what species all of you are really hoping to get your hands on? - LAME's current crew: 1x pair Carolina (Stagmomantis carolina.) 1x...
  19. LAME

    F/S: a few species

    Hello community ^_^ I've got to open up some room for more of my growing new arrivals(...again.), which means I must offload those lonely ones or extra heads. I may have others available that are not listed as I'm still going through my crew, so feel free to PM. Miomantis paykullii / Female...
  20. LAME


    Hello fellow peers! Ive decided to offload most of smaller species to make more room for my growing larger ones. Anyone interested feel free to PM me. For Sale: Miomantis paykullii / Female / Adult / Ready for breeding - $12 Acromantis japonica / Female / Sub - $10 (sold) Deroplatys lobata...