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  1. n4c

    Abdomen Discharge

    Recently my mantis stop eating. a few days ago i've noticed that it kept trying to push something out of its abdomen. can anyone help identify the issue, cause, and if anything can be done please? Ive posted link below to google drive video file for viewing. thank you...
  2. n4c


  3. n4c

    Help diagnose mantis please! Parasite?

    Hi there, i hope someone can help me figure out what may be the issue with my mantis (Pseudacanthops lobipes) i have posted a video for viewing so anyone could take a look. when you watch the video, you notice that abdomen is very flat. it stop eating about 4 days ago. between the scales you...
  4. n4c

    Isopods & Springtails Parasite

    I was wondering, can Isopods and Springtails get the same Horsehair worm/parasite that Mantis get?
  5. n4c

    Looking for Haania sp! (moss mantis)

    Hi there, i’m looking for a Haania sp. (moss mantis) male or female i2-i3. please let me know if have any availability
  6. n4c

    Best Isopod species for Mantis enclosure?

    Hi there, can someone please recommend which species of isopods are the best for Mantis enclosure clean up crew?
  7. n4c

    Mantis Stores on Facebook & Instagram (No Websites)

    Anyone know where on Facebook & Instagram , where they might be selling Mantis?
  8. n4c

    Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi.

  9. n4c

    #FruitFliesEscapeFree Enclosures!?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend an enclosure where the fruit flies will not escape through the little ventilation holes that most enclosures have? each time i buy one, the little sucker fruit flies manage to escape through the holes 🤯   
  10. n4c

    A smile from Brooklyn, New York

    Hello all, name is Nacer (nuh-sir) and I have been purchasing and taking care of Mantises for about a year. I became very interested in the creatures since High School. Looking forward to chatting with new people, learn new information, and helping the Mantis community to grow.... P.s. I have 2...