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  1. minard734


    Well... I recently ordered some Brunneria borealis and Thesprotia graminis from Mantiseater... and I am very pleased! All came well and was packaged neatly. There was even a good bit of bubble wrap along the edges to assure safe arrival with less shaking around. I will be buying from him again...
  2. minard734

    WANTED: Small species

    If you have small to medium sized mantises, I want to buy some to breed. 20-50mm as an adult, preferably. Message me if you have some for sale.
  3. minard734

    Bactromantis virga

    So, has anyone seen this legendary mantis? Bactromantis virga... If anyone has info on it, please comment here! :)
  4. minard734

    WANTED: multiple genera

    Looking for mantises from the following genera: Miomantis Stagmomantis Phasmomantis Ischnomantis Taumantis Yersinops Bactromantis PM me if you have some for sale.
  5. minard734

    WANTED: Miomantis caffra MALES

    If you have male M caffras I am willing to pay to get some to pair with my females. Looking to get all the Miomantis species eventually and breed them all. Let me know if any of you have males.
  6. minard734

    WANTED: Stagmomantis species and Mantis Religiosa

    I am looking to breed Mantis Religiosa, or some kind of Stagmomantis species. Anyone have Stagmomantis limbata or another species? Any except Stagmomantis carolina, which is easy for me to find.
  7. minard734

    WANTED: Thesprotia graminis

    Wanted big time... To try again! :o Thesprotia graminis. Will pay! :)
  8. minard734

    WANTED: Small to medium species

    I am looking for small to medium species of Mantodea right now. Something from 30-70mm adult size possibly. Stagmomantis species (except carolina, as it is common here) would be cool or something else, like Acromantis japonica, would also be cool. I would prefer the species be an easy one to...
  9. minard734

    Lucanus elaphus

    I have a few larvae of Lucanus elaphus, giant stag beetle, as well as some pupae. I will have adults pretty soon, that means. Hit me up if you are interested!
  10. minard734

    COLEOPTERA (Beetles)

    O.K. so I'm really into beetles. Anyone else? If so, I made a Facebook page dedicated to beetles. Many of the pictures and posts on this site are from me but some are from our other admins! Please "LIKE" this page and contribute if you like!
  11. minard734


    BEHOLD! Ignore my voice, I sound like a dork. Hahaha!
  12. minard734

    COLEOPTERA- Facebook Beetle Group

    I started up this group in march 2011 but didn't do much with it till recently! I'm trying to get it very active! Join it to support insect culture!
  13. minard734


    My cousin talked with a person from the USDA and this is what he got!! THE MOST information yet for Mantidforum! WE ARE HOME FREE MAN! Wayne Wehling-
  14. minard734

    What species do you have?

    So, I can see that no one has started a thread for telling people what species you have, or at least as far as I can tell. So here it goes: 12/5/11 entry. 1st generation existing: Tenodera sinensis Thesprotia graminis 1st generation coming soon: Stagmomantis carolina Raising: Pnigomantis...
  15. minard734


    I just started up a web store. I don't have a lot of items up yet but there are a few. I plan on adding misc. stag larvae if you guys want that. Possibly some ooths as well (and maybe Thesprotia graminis in the near future). I ship live specimens to the US only. Dried specimens can be shipped to...
  16. minard734

    Tenodera sinensis hatchlings!!!

    Message me if you are interested! Sold in packs of 15 for 20 bucks and 15 shipping.
  17. minard734

    A friend of mine's music is on iTunes and I want you guys to check it out!

    So... A friend of mine who plays guitar made an album and has put it on iTunes. I'm helping him spread the world a 'lil: He's 16, and has been playing the guitar for a good while. He also recently set up a Youtube channel...
  18. minard734

    Thesprotia graminis adult female

    63mm female found in Winterhaven, FL.
  19. minard734

    Mantid Research Report Issue #1

    So I was just bored one day in September and I decided I'd record information about my mantids besides the normal stuff I record such as the date and location of the specimen found. It's sort of like a webzine but not exactly. It is more of a Monthly release of information I have gathered on...
  20. minard734

    TV Shows

    What TV shows do you guys watch?