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    Fish !?

    Ok so I set up a eye candy tank ... with land and water ... the water portion had a few guppies in it for a natural look ... and while my african was taking a drink he noticed a fish ... and grabed it and ate it :shock: is this harmful to the mantid ?!
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    Any Turtle Keepers ?

    These people know everything there is to know about turtles GREAT forum.
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    Any Turtle Keepers ?

    I have got 2 RES ( red eared sliders ) does anyone else have any turtles I love them lol
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    Grandis, oozing?

    Maybe its getting slightly overfed ?
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    I want to become a breeder

    :D hehe i dont expect to make much money i just want to be able to cover cost of their food, maybe get some new stuff for the, every once in awhile and to just experience it because i love mantids :D
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    I want to become a breeder

    Now that I have some experiance in raising manitds I think that I would like to become a breeder just to make a couple bucks or cover the cost of rasing them until I get good at it. Is their a species anyone would reccomend for begginer breeding ?
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    :lol: Nice drawings Ian :)
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    african nymph

    :D woooo ... she moulted into i think L4 just now and shes looking great came out perfect ... and the little sheild on her back is now showing up :D
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    african nymph

    I feed her every other day shes been doing great .. i just thought about it and shes due for a moult anytime so i think that may be it ... i hope thats it
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    Really new and need help with pretty much everything

    That mantid he has there is pretty young . look for adult pics of them they are much bigger .. hehe mine is about the same size as yours Lan what L is it ? mines about to moult im excited
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    Really new and need help with pretty much everything

    Generally I feed mine every other day except somtimes ill throw in a treat that i find him... here look at this caresheet on the african species this will answer alot of your questions
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    Really new and need help with pretty much everything

    :D Well I think that the african mantis (S. lineola and S. centralia) are a good species they are tough little guys able survive well in room temp .. will eat just about anything (they are quite agressive tworads prey) and adults are a pretty nice size not to big .. not 6 inches hehe .... You...
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    african nymph

    my L4 Sphodromantis centralia started acting weird today seems she is moving rather slowly and not even looking at prey that goes right past her ..... I gave her the last cricket of the batch i had for a month i hope she didnt get sick from it do you think it may be that she is going to moult ...
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    Favorite Videos

    well this isnt rly a faverite video .... listen to this guys mom she is psycho she lost her mind :shock: omg watch this
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    Had to destroy almost all of my mantids

    Why do crickets have to ruin everything ! .... GL with your next batch
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    Lol, thats sick hortus ... :D
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    Nymph moults

    :D well during the time the forums were down he moulted turned out great and is doing well ... and my african just moulted today :D
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    Old carolina

    Ok so my adult male carolina is a over 2 months into adulthood and i read that this is about how long they live in adulthood i think is going to pass soon because he can no longer keep a good grip on the screen on the top of the cage and he is very sluggish ... and doesnt really move around...
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    Mantids in the media

    Does anyone know if there are any shows about mantids, any documentaries out there, anything about them on televsion out there ? i was just wondering because I wwould like to see thier behavior in the wild in the comfort of my own home ... lol jk ... i dont really have any mantids in my area...
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    weird bug i found

    I found this thing outside there seems to be alot of them but my mantids show no interest in them and the bugs smell like roses :shock: im thinking it wards of preds with the smell and maybe its bad to feed to mantids heres the pic Does anyone know what this is and if mantids can eat it and...