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    L3 Metilia Nymphs

    I have 2 L3 Metilia Nymphs for sale, 30$ each. In-person pickup/drop off only (CA). PM me for any inquiries.
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    Iris oratoria too!
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    L2 Orchid Mantis - Any guesses on sex?

    Male orchid mantises have 8 abdominal segments while females have 6. In my opinion though, your mantis is too small to determine the sex at the moment. By the time it hits L4 it will be easy to determine the sex, as this is the stage where necklace color (brown for males, green for females) and...
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    Breeding House/Bluebottle flies

    Does anyone have any idea how to breed these guys while being as clean as possible? I've successfully bred green bottle flies with dog food and milk, but I don't like how the larvae won't accept the food until it starts to mold.
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    Orchid mantises and diseases

    I noticed that I didn’t have any mantises get infections when I fed them pieces of hornworm, so I will see if it works with the orchids. I was also thinking of feeding the orchids Painted Lady butterflies, does anyone have experience with that?
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    Orchid mantises and diseases

    Hey guys, it’s been a while! So I may get back into the mantis hobby with a bang, and raising a bunch of orchids. In the past, I had a lot of problems with my orchids contracting digestive sickness/issues. One day, I had found my  prized female struggling, oozing black from her abdomen, and her...
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    Nymphs slowly dropping dead

    Your welcome! Regarding your question of humidity, it’s hard to calculate the humidity by guessing, but what you can do is buy hygrometer, which will tell you the humidity. They go for around 13$.
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    Nymphs slowly dropping dead

    In my setup, I created a controlled environment; I had thermostats and humidity controllers regulating the humidity and temperature within a 20 gallon long tank, which had the mantises inside it. Each mantis was in a deli-cup with a piece of cheesecloth (allows humidity in the cups), closed with...
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    Nymphs slowly dropping dead

    It seems you may have a little too much ventilation, to where all of your humidity is instantly leaving the cup. Additionally, if you are using metal screen, nymphs may have a hard time gripping to it. In my experience normal deli cups with cloth-ventilated lids are sufficient, just make sure...
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    Nymphs slowly dropping dead

    So lets see here- You are using screen lids? Like the metal ones? And a screen hole on the side?
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    20 gallon long tank

    I have a 20 gallon long tank for sale 30$. I would preferably like to trade it for a vertical 20 gallon tank. California buyers only.
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    Mantises for sale - Leaving the Hobby.

    I plan on leaving the hobby, so I'm looking for new homes for my mantises. I have: An adult female Creobroter gemmatus for 15$ A ghost mantis female (about L4 or L5) for 15$ A female Iris oratoria for 10$ 2 Deroplatys lobata nymphs (L3) for 10$ An adult female Hierodula majuscula for 25$ 2...
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    Hierodula majuscula Female FS

    I have a virgin female Hierodula majuscula up for sale, for 25$. PM me if interested.
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    Rhombodera experiments

    True, we don't even know if this "Rhombodera sp. Red Devil" really exists. All of the photos of this species are from him.
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    Rhombodera experiments

    I remember seeing red and green color Morphs of Helvia Cardinalis from an instagram breeder.
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    Adult Hierodula majuscula male wanted.

    I need a Hierodula majuscula adult male. PM me if you have them. Wiling to buy or trade.
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    When to Transition to a larger Enclosure?

    I believe you should upgrade the cage size. The cage size you have it in right now may be fine, but I wouldn't risk it.
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    Hello Please Tell me Where I can buy this awesome mantis!

    Those kind of mantids almost never come into availability. I don't think anyone is breeding them in the U.S., and if they do they are probably selling/breeding them privately.
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    Orchid mantis Wanted

    Willing to buy or trade. PM me for offers.
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    Why is my Devil’s flower mantis not catching food?

    What kind of prey is being fed?