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  1. -MK-

    Mantis flight in slow motion

    That was thoroughly entertaining - thanks for posting it.
  2. -MK-

    Can anyone ID this species?

    Bueller? Anybody?
  3. -MK-

    Can anyone ID this species?

    I just found this video. The little guy appears to be missing a leg, but the coloring of this mantis is really cool. Can anyone tell the class what kind it is?
  4. -MK-

    Hi from Chicago!

    Welcome from the NW side of town.
  5. -MK-

    Video: Mantis vs Florida Marlins

    Huh? :huh:
  6. -MK-

    Sporting wing buds and looking colorful in the afternoon sun

    Check out the foreleg spikes in his shadow. It looks like he has a shiner on his left eye in this pic - I'm not sure what caused that in the photo.
  7. -MK-

    Video: Mantis vs Florida Marlins

  8. -MK-

    What determines which color a Chinese mantis will grow up to be?

    Do you have any pics of her before and after the color change? That would be cool to see. If you don't, you should take a few before she molts again. :)
  9. -MK-

    How exactly do you tell the gender of a mantis?

    This should get you started: It says "ootheca" by your screen name because you are new here.
  10. -MK-

    Which color will this one grow up to be?

    Thanks, guys. He molted to L6 on 7/25, so I'm expecting another molt soon. But he's just standing on a wall of his enclosure right now, staring at the bottom and waiting for food to appear, so I don't think there will be a molt today.
  11. -MK-

    Which color will this one grow up to be?

    These are two different photos of the same mantis, both taken today. I don't remember having any two-tone ones like this last time. Is this common? I'm guessing this one will turn out green because of the green legs, but that's just based on looking at pics of other ones I've had. Which...
  12. -MK-

    What determines which color a Chinese mantis will grow up to be?

    Thanks for the replies. The genetics part is fairly straightforward, but what about environment? Does it have to do with colors in the habitat, or is it more complicated? @sally: What colors did the mantids you mentioned turn out to be as adults? Did the brown ones stay brown and the green...
  13. -MK-

    A chance encounter brings me back to the Mantid Forum...

    Thanks for all the replies. He's L6 now and I'm pretty sure that he is in fact a "he" after looking at his abdomen. He also appears smaller than my females were at this stage after looking at some photos of my previous mantids. @ScienceGirl: I ordered a few Chinese ooths a few summers ago and...
  14. -MK-

    What determines which color a Chinese mantis will grow up to be?

    Does it depend on the parents, or is it random? I ended up with some solid green and some brown with green stripes last time, but they came from more than one ooth. However, I gave a single Chinese ooth to a friend and all of those mantids grew up to be brown with green stripes. Is one color...
  15. -MK-

    A chance encounter brings me back to the Mantid Forum...

    It's cool to see that many of the old guard are still around, as well as many newer members. I hope you've all been well. A few weeks ago, I found what appeared to be an L1 Chinese nymph on the side of my house. I could barely believe my eyes, but I recognized the shape instantly. I managed...
  16. -MK-

    Stupid question

    I raised a bunch of Chinese mantids last summer from the day they hatched, and they were never anything but gentle and docile when I handled them. I never once had to pick any of them up, since they always just climbed onto my hand. My largest adult female was a big, scary-looking bug, but she...
  17. -MK-

    Hungry Mantis

    Both PetSmart and Petco sell fruit flies. Their cultures don't usually produce huge numbers of flies, but should be enough to feed your mantids while you order a proper fruit fly culture from a place like FlyCafe. Just one of these will produce thousands of flies for about 5 bucks. They also...
  18. -MK-

    bumble bees

    Speaking of wasps, how do they compare to bees as mantis food? There's no shortage of wasps in the sedum in my yard, and it would be nice to dispatch some mantids to eat them.
  19. -MK-

    My Limbata Female

    The second one looks kind of like an Impressionist painting of a mantis. :)
  20. -MK-

    My mantis

    That last photo is really cute. I'd never seen hatchlings of that species - they look like they're wearing little cotton balls on their knees. :lol: