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  1. Jaywo

    ISO Adult Male Idolomantis Diabolica

    Have two new healthy females that just molted and my male passed before adulthood. 
  2. Jaywo

    SOLD:FS Adult male violin mantis

    I stopped breeding my Violins and I am selling my last Violin in my collection. He just molted to adulthood yesterday. I'll ship him out when he has his first full meal and rest. I estimate 4-5 days. $60 plus $12 shipping priority or $35 overnight. PM me. Serious inquiries only.
  3. Jaywo

    wanted: Subadult orchid male or very new adult male.

    My two recent adult females need a mate. Will trade or by.
  4. Jaywo

    cat eye nymphs- sold out

    I have too many. $7 each.
  5. Jaywo

    Wanted: Idolomantis Adult Male

    Really need an adult Idolomantis male. Will pay.
  6. Jaywo

    Wanted: Idolomantis Adult Male

    Will trade or pay. Have two big girls that need companionship.
  7. Jaywo

    ISO: Cats eye mantis adult male

    Trade or buy. My female needs a companion.
  8. Jaywo

    Has anybody in the US ever ordered from Exo-Factory?

    yup, I would never do it again. He sent my ooths to NY instead of my actual address on the west coast. Didn't respond for  a long time and never corrected the issue once I sent him the tracking that it went to god knows where. I got my money back from Paypal. If others had good experiences then...
  9. Jaywo

    FS: Violin nymphs (gongylus gongylodes) All Gone!

    Will have 10 available in a week when they turn L2. $20 each, serious inquiries only.
  10. Jaywo

    FS: Sub adult Violin Male (Gongylus gongylodes )

    If you have a female and needs a boyfriend. This is your man-tis.
  11. Jaywo

    Coronavirus: Thoughts?

    I think it is beyond stupid. I love how people say things are fake news when they just simply don't like the information. It's ignorant and the people complaining that it's being political is actually MAKING it political. The virus will hurt you no matter what faction you are in. We should have...
  12. Jaywo

    Coronavirus: Thoughts?

    Just take it easy, I heard of the virus fluctuating as well. Almost 100% then wham, hits you like a brick. My friend had to to ER after 2 days of feeling better with no fever after getting the virus for 15 days. It's such a tricky thing. Stay safe fellow mantid lover.
  13. Jaywo

    Coronavirus: Thoughts?

    I agree. It's nuts how people can actually think a virus that kills people is fake just because they don't have it. Shows how many people lack empathy, which I find incredibly troubling.
  14. Jaywo

    ISO: Adult female Budwings

    I have two new adult males and no females. Happy to trade or buy.
  15. Jaywo

    Wanted: Parablepharis kuhlii asiatica adult female

    I have three males and no surviving females! Not a good ratio. Looking to buy subadult, adult female. Will trade or share ooth as well.
  16. Jaywo

    FS: Brunner nymphs

    I got new hatches. Serious inquiries only. $20 each.
  17. Jaywo

    Best place to buy House fly pupae?

    I really like
  18. Jaywo

    Coronavirus: Thoughts?

    I'm in the city and I can say that people were mask now because it's worth wearing. But even in more rural areas, the numbers say that it's spreading there too. 
  19. Jaywo

    Male Adult Blepharopsis mendica (Thistle) WANTED

    I have four females and both my males didn't make their last molt.
  20. Jaywo

    Idolomantis wasted away?

    High temp and very very low humidity.