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  1. jamurfjr


    Bought an ooth from Patrickfraser. Everything about the process was top-notch!
  2. jamurfjr


    Denise goes above and beyond to make the buyer happy. I can't say [type] enough good things about her. Highly recommended!
  3. jamurfjr


    I'm very pleased with the nymphs recently purchased from Eric. The transaction went smoothly as it should. He sent extras and some moss for their enclosures to boot.
  4. jamurfjr


    I also ordered an ooth, and instead of just one, I received two. Both look great. Shipping was prompt, and contents were packaged with care. Excellent service all around!
  5. jamurfjr

    Assassin bug eggs and nymphs. Acholla multispinosa.

    Wonderful find and photos! I really enjoyed the post. I've been bitten by the assassin bug bug. Yes, you read that correctly. No, I haven't been bitten literally, but I have been keeping several species: A. crassipes, M. picipes, M. purcis, and P. biguttatas. I'm also keeping Florida predatory...
  6. jamurfjr

    For Sale: Regal Jumping Spider Slings

    Along with the mantids, I'm also selling P. regius (Regal Jumping Spider) slings for $3 each. Slings are 1/16–1/8" and are feeding well on D. melanogaster. Quantity discounts are available...ask or make offer. TOS: PayPal accepted and preferred. CONUS only. Shipped in styro-lined boxes. USPS...
  7. jamurfjr

    For Sale: Ghost, California, and Carolina Nymphs

    Hi everyone, I have the following mantids for sale: P. paradoxa (Ghost Mantis), L2 – ALL SPOKEN FOR. THANKS! S. californica (California Mantis), L2/L3 – S. carolina (Carolina Mantis), L2 – * Extras with each mantis order I also have P. regius (Regal Jumping Spider) slings for...
  8. jamurfjr


    This spring, both of our original hives swarmed. We were able to capture two swarms, bringing us up to four hives. The bees have been testy(fluctuating weather, I think), so I've gotten my share of stings. How is everyone else doing with their bees?
  9. jamurfjr

    Lets see the face behind the username!

    The turtle wasn't happy but needed to be relocated.
  10. jamurfjr

    Lets see the face behind the username!

    Here's one of my favorites:
  11. jamurfjr

    Part of my Collection .

    Nice color on that female budwing. Looks like you won't be needing an ooth after all. ;) Good going on the Otomantis as well!
  12. jamurfjr


    Sorry, Rick. :(
  13. jamurfjr

    Happy birthday hibiscusmile

    Haven't been around much lately. Completely missed this. So happy belated birthday or happy Thanksgiving....Hanukkah? ;)
  14. jamurfjr

    Part of my Collection .

    I was thinking the same. Awesome photos!
  15. jamurfjr

    Odds and Ends: Five Different Species For Sale

    In limited quantities, the following are available: Creobroter pictipennis (Indian flower mantis), will ship at L2(soon)—$3 per Parasphendale affinis (Budwing mantis), L3+—$3 each Statillia nemoralis (Asian jumping mantis), L3—$2 apiece Taumantis sigiana (Lime green mantis), L4+—$2 each T...
  16. jamurfjr


    You won't regret it. Honey aside, for me, it's very rewarding. Everyday, I walk over to the hives, stop, and watch the bees go about their business. They are an entertaining addition to the yard.
  17. jamurfjr


    Happy Birthday!
  18. jamurfjr

    Tenodera sinensis (Chinese Mantis)

    Tenodera sinensis (Chinese Mantis) Introduction When asked to envision the stereotypical praying mantis, many Americans conjure up the image of Tenodera sinensis. Along with cousin, T. augustipennis, it's known also as the Chinese mantis. Impressive size coupled with commonness—at least in...
  19. jamurfjr

    Sports that you play or have played

    As a young kid, my sports enthusiast father "encouraged" me to play baseball and basketball. In high school, I settled on tennis until the coach and I mutually decided to part ways. This was due to my oppositional behavior at the time—not something I'm proud of. Recently, I've started playing...
  20. jamurfjr

    "Praying Manthing"

    I hope to morph into that creature someday.