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  1. CosbyArt

    Won't eat dubia roaches

    Yes several of us have bred the species you listed, and posted experiences and information in the links given in my original post...
  2. CosbyArt

    CosbyArt mantid thread

    Thanks, and I do as well. :D That it was, but most grabbed up a Mel as soon as one crawled by. Of course a few nymphs acted like they were under attack and ran, and a few even jumped off the lid to avoid them.
  3. CosbyArt

    Cochises pics

    @Little Mantis Great! Nice to see your girl Cochise molted and healed her leg too. :D Too bad about the battery, I know the problem all too well myself. Whenever I buy a camera my first purchase afterwards is a few spare batteries and another charger too. Hopefully your battery will be ready...
  4. CosbyArt

    Won't eat dubia roaches

    Sorry to hear that they are not working for you. Others have expressed the same problem in the past, and is often due to the Dubia being too large to use as feeders. In that aspect only the larger mantid species can eat some of the middle/later Dubia instars. One option is to tear the larger...
  5. CosbyArt

    CosbyArt mantid thread

    Of course in feeding them their first Melanogaster FF I couldn't resist taking some photos too. Inspired by the photos of Piotr Naskrecki, I took several photos (like the one above) and hope to put something together of the instars of my Carolina nymphs to scale. A few other nymphs enjoying a...
  6. CosbyArt

    Fruit fly problem??

    Your welcome, and best of luck on your build. :) Before you buy more check your cultures for pupating flies and larvae to ensure you need to buy more. Sometimes a culture will be on the verge of a booming population, even if the flies are nearly used up as feeders. If so a few days of waiting...
  7. CosbyArt

    CosbyArt mantid thread

    Thanks, ha if one ooth scares me it is time for me to get out of the hobby though. ;) I've hatched nine ooths at one time once, but typically do four ooths or so depending. I also kept about 80 adult mantids before, so numbers isn't a problem. I admit I am in no hurry to keep that many again...
  8. CosbyArt

    Hello From Markham, Ontario

    Hello Ray and welcome to the forum Some interesting hobbies, and the freshwater shrimp is a new one to me. Years ago I use to keep various freshwater fish varieties and related, before I got into ACF's and ADCF's (African clawed frogs and dwarf, Xenopus and Hymenochirus). I even had luck...
  9. CosbyArt

    Hello from Texas

    Hello and welcome to the forum Best of luck with your ooths, and post some photos when they do hatch. :)
  10. CosbyArt

    Ooth hatching time

    Sorry to hear that, it is a disappointment for sure besides waiting and the ooth cost. Are the eggs simply clear, or bad and turning colors (I know some will even stink)?
  11. CosbyArt

    Fruit fly problem??

    @bio25 Mold in homemade fly medium is common, and not a concern for the flies or mantids that eat the flies. From the FF culturing guide by Orin, "Mold always grows eventually but once the larvae get going they eat it all". :) Interesting you have "hairy" looking mold though, as I tend to see...
  12. CosbyArt

    Ooth hatching time

    If from any species, that would be a Brunner's Mantis (Brunneria borealis) ooth for me where the nymphs slowly hatched. After I received the ooth, it was 175 days for the first to hatch and the last nymph was at 337 days. My shortest time was a Egyptian Pygmy mantis (Miomantis paykullii) ooth...
  13. CosbyArt

    Greetings from PA

    I'm sorry to hear you lost Ed. For a male Ghost (Phyllocrania paradoxa) 7-9 months is typical, and 9-12 months for females, at least from my previous Ghost mantids. One of my favorites was Bandit and he made it shy of 7 months too. A Ghost female I had set a personal record and was nearly 15...
  14. CosbyArt

    CosbyArt mantid thread

    @Ocelotbren  The Brunneria borealis I read can hatch slowly up to two years, Yen_Saw's log shows his was 6 months (180 days). Trying to find the original time source though was unsuccessful, details for the species is vary sparse online besides some sellers. I see that in the photo now, indeed...
  15. CosbyArt

    CosbyArt mantid thread

    Lots of time and pets have come and gone since I started this thread, and few even made it here then. I thought it was a fitting place though to put my newest mantid pets that I have had in awhile. A Carolina ooth (Stagmomantis carolina) I collected in my backyard January 8th decided to finally...
  16. CosbyArt

    Finally at home

    I seen that in the caresheet about constipation and is rather odd. My Creobroter pictipennis mantids didn't encounter cricket constipation, but did prefer flying prey if given a choice. The species is also one of those some consider a flying prey mantid, see the caresheet here. Ghost mantids...
  17. CosbyArt

    L6 dying from molt skin stuck on butt-HELP!!!

    @[email protected] I'm so sorry to see it's only progressed negatively. :( The molting issue is not your fault, and the wet cat food was a attempt to help. I haven't heard of trying the cat food before, but with such dire circumstances I may have tried it too. As you know if there is a health...
  18. CosbyArt

    Newly hatched nymphs feeding

    Yeah unless your ordering something else anyway shipping is a killer online. Indeed as @Tau874 said the local PetSmart and PetCo stores often carry them too, just be sure to look at the culture before buying. At times the cultures are old and dying off there, depending on sales. If you can get...
  19. CosbyArt

    Tarachodula pantherina pics

    Nice, and a very unique looking mantis for sure.
  20. CosbyArt

    Wally from Idaho

    Some amazing species, and a few I hope to add a few to my pets eventually. :) I've been looking to add a Dwarf Chile (Euathlus sp.) next, but is hard to find except when I can't afford it. It does take them time to get any size from that small instar for sure. My Curlyhair (Brachypelma...