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  1. hierodula

    Nymphs, ooths, and more!

    Hymenopus coronatus "Orchid mantis" - i2/3 Stagmomantis limbata "Bordered Mantis" - i2-4 Phyllocrania paradoxa "Ghost mantis" - i2 - 4 Tarachodula pantherina "Panther mantis" - i2-4 Parablepharis kuhlii asiatica "Darth Vader Mantis" - i2-4 Soon Heterochaeta orientalis "Cat Eye Mantis" i2...
  2. hierodula

    Orchids, panthers, feeders, and more! Check out the site for pricing!
  3. hierodula

    New Website!

    Hello all, Been a while, but I now have a fleshed out site with lots of availabilities! Important note: shipping is paused till january 5th to avoid holiday delays and so I can get proper break as well haha. But lots of other projects ongoing that...
  4. hierodula


    Absolute pleasure to work with, even sent extras in the trade!
  5. hierodula


    Hi everyone, New daily deals on! Today we have groups of 5 Parablepharis kuhlii for $180, new deals tomorrow!!
  6. hierodula

    Black Friday Sales @mantisworldusa

    Hello, from MD, USA We have the following available Tarachodula pantherina "Panther Mantis" i2 Phyllocrania paradoxa "Ghost Mantis" i2 Parablepharis kuhlii asiatica "Darth Vader Mantis" i2/3 and i2/3 pairs Hierodula venosa "Golden Armed Mantis" i2 and...
  7. hierodula

    Species Availability!

    If interested, please message on instagram at mantis_world_usa, PM is fine as well!
  8. hierodula

    Parablepharis kuhlii asiatica 'Darth Vader Mantis'

    Just in time for halloween! Parablepharis kuhlii asiatica i2 FS $40 each, $35 each 10+ Shipping from MD, USA
  9. hierodula

    Acanthops, metilia, and more!

    As title says: Tons of availabilities and mystery boxes! All on
  10. hierodula

    Otomantis and more!

    Otomantis scutigera - $10 each, buy 2 get one free! Phyllocrania paradoxa (i2-4) - $12 each - 5 for $50! Texas Unicorns - i3/4 - $15 each! 5 for $60! Feel free to PM
  11. hierodula

    Creobroter gemmatus + more!

    Hello all! I have the following available:  C. gemmatus i2-4: $8 Pseudoxyops perpulchra i5/6 sexed pairs (males have 7 and females have 9 instars so time well!) and sexed individuals: $54 pair, $25 each Metilia sp "Peru" pairs i3/4: $50 Chopardiella cf pouliani nymphs will soon be available...
  12. hierodula

    Flower mantises

    Galinthias amoena - i2-4 Creobroter gemmatus i2-3 $8 each, 10 for $60. Shipping from MD!
  13. hierodula

    Parablepharis kuhlii asiatica ooth FS

    As stated above - $300 shipped. Rarely offered species only one ooth available. USA only please. Species take a long time to develop (9 - 12 months) and then another 8-10 weeks in incubation. Will be shipping from NY.
  14. hierodula

    Pseudoxyops perpulchra, Phyllocrania paradoxa, Photina sp Peru and more!

    Pseudoxyops perpulchra i2 "Peruvian Leaf Mantises" - $18, 10 for $150 Phyllocrania paradoxa $8 "Ghost mantis" each  Photina sp Peru "Peruvian Ambushing Leaf Mantis" $20 each
  15. hierodula

    Several Species Available

    Rhombomantis sp Thailand giant - $10 each, 5+ for $9 ea , 10+ for $7 ea, 30+ for $6 ea  This species is similar to R. megaera, but males are larger, and both sexes have more pink on the inner raptors and on the edges of the pronotum. Theopropus elegans  - $12 ea, 5+ for $10 ea, 10+ for $9 ea...
  16. hierodula

    Ghost ooths FS

    25-40 Each depending on size, 3 available, take the whole group for 100 shipped priority!
  17. hierodula

    ISO Omomantis

    Hello all, if you have a presub/sub male omomantis (or even have any older omomantis you are not going to be keeping, let me know, I would be interested in them. Primarily looking for males atm. Best, Lohit
  18. hierodula

    Ghosts I2

    Ghost mantises at second instar available, 10 each, 5 for 45 (9 each). 10 or more and priority shipping is included. PM if interested.
  19. hierodula

    Ghost groups

    Selling groups of ghosts at 2nd instar. 5 for 50, 10 for 90. only 20 nymphs available. PM if interested. Shipping is $18 piority, express is dependent on location. (USPS has increased their prices)
  20. hierodula

    Young regius slings FS

    As title says, young phidippus regius slings for sale, $5 each, minimum order of 5. Extras will likely be included based on availibility. LAG for express shipping only ($40) $15 priority shipping. US only