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  1. MortBird

    European Mantis Ootheca Care

    Do I have to put it in the fridge or is it ok to just stick it outside? Currently it's inside a plastic container with a few small holes, sitting in the pot of a plant on our back porch. Is that ok? I figure it will be under the same conditions as all the other mantis oothecae, so it should be...
  2. MortBird


    I've had my girl Sasha for a little over a week now. She is a wild-caught European mantis, I don't know how old she is, but we she's very big and now is the time of year when mantids start dying. We assume she's close to the end of her life. I've noticed that her wings seem to be deteriorating...
  3. MortBird

    European Mantis Ootheca Care

    I've recently come across a European mantis ootheca and may have another one on the way. I've found mixed responses on whether or not European mantids need a diapause to survive incubation, so I'm wondering- can I put this ootheca in a ventilated jar at room temperature, and wait for hatching...