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    Closeup video of praying mantis

    Here's a closeup of one of my Chinese praying mantises, hatched May 16th. Recorded with an iPhone 7. I shrunk it down to keep it small, so it's grainy.
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    First ever praying mantis hatching

    Here's some pictures from my first praying mantis hatching. They're regular Chinese mantises. It was pretty exciting when I saw all the babies. I didn't see them coming out, not sure how long it was before I saw them.
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    Video of Gary the Grove Snail

    This is one of my grove snails, Gary. You can see his muscle contractions in his foot and there's a good view of his four tentacles. He also opens his mouth at 0:22 [Deleted the video, was taking up too much disk quota]
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    Hello from Ottawa!

    Hello, I'm new here from Ottawa, I'm just entering the praying mantis hobby now. I've only actually seen one live mantis in person. When I was a kid I found one hanging out on the wall of my parents' kitchen. I kept it as a pet but unfortunately it didn't last long, and the internet wasn't...
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    Which way is up for an ootheca?

    Probably not the best place to get oothecas, but I got them at Canadian Tire.
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    Which way is up for an ootheca?

    Here are some new pics with the new orientation. I also got rid of the string going along the groove. I hope I finally got it right, is it properly right side up now?
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    Which way is up for an ootheca?

    Thanks MantisGirl, I flipped them over. I've seen some sites/videos mentioning that you can take the flat part of the ooth and glue the flat part to the underside of the lid, which I took to mean the flat side is the top of the ooth and should be pointing upwards. Are they referring to something...
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    Which way is up for an ootheca?

    Here are a few pictures. There's two different oothecas in the photos: The one I attached to the wood and the one I'm holding by hand. The one on the wood has two grooves, a small groove where I put the white thread along that you can see, and a large groove on the other side against the...
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    Which way is up for an ootheca?

    I have two oothecas (Chinese mantis) but I'm not sure which way should be pointing up and which way should be pointing down when I hang them. They both have a flattish side and a more round side. I assumed the flatter side is up, because the round side kind of looked like it was drooping down...
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    Snails with praying mantis

    Is it safe to keep one or more grove snails with a Chinese praying mantis? Will a mantis attack or eat the snails?