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  1. Mystymantis

    Ghosts available

    Just molted L2 baby Ghosts available! Also have L3-L6 Ghosts available. Ghost ooths available! Ghost nymphs $7 each. Ghost ooths $18 PM if interested!
  2. Mystymantis

    We could learn from the RoachForum

    I keep my Red Runner roaches (Turkestan roaches) in a tall plastic container with egg crates for surfaces to climb on. I sometimes put some coconut fiber as a substrate. They are kept at room temperature and doing very well. I also have two bowls in the enclosure where I put their food so its...
  3. Mystymantis

    Grizzled Mantis Ooths For Sale

    I am selling a limited few Grizzled mantis (Gonatista grisea) ooths. For more experienced Hobbyists only please as they are harder species to raise. PM for details if interested.
  4. Mystymantis

    My beautiful ghost

    What a beautiful day to be enjoying the sun! Very happy looking Ghost there!
  5. Mystymantis

    Ghost mantises for sale

    I still have some Ghost mantises and Ghost ooths available. Ghost Ooths $20 each Ghost Nymphs $8 each (Nymphs are ~L2-L4) Fresh Adult Ghost Males $16 Adult females $16 Older Females $14 (great as pets!) Shipping from Maryland. PM if interested.
  6. Mystymantis

    hierodula (U.S.)

    I traded with Hierodula and everything was very well packed and the mantises arrived in good condition. And I even got replacements when one mantis died. He was very informative and answered my questions quickly. Definitely recommend! Very good place to get some interesting and fun mantises.
  7. Mystymantis

    zilla micro habitat

    Lol. Well I would definitely only get one or two for a special mantis only.
  8. Mystymantis

    zilla micro habitat

    Hey has anyone kept mantises in the Zilla Micro habitat? I just saw it and it looks like an interesting habitat but don't know if it is good for mantises. Does it have holes that fruit flies would escape from? How does it open? I can't tell if it has a door or it just slides open or something...
  9. Mystymantis

    Rip Bigsby the female Ghost mantis

    Aw very sorry to hear you lost Cardamon and Cinnamon. Sounds like they were good mantises. R.I.P. your two ghosts. May they also have all the flies and tasty prey they want in the next life!
  10. Mystymantis

    Rip Bigsby the female Ghost mantis

    Wow that's impressive! They must have been in great care.
  11. Mystymantis

    RIP yankeeman1421

    Very sorry for your loss. I did not know him but he sounds like an amazing person! And I know he will be sorely missed by everyone who was blessed enough to know him. I will keep Joe's family in my prayers. And take comfort in the fact that he is now in Heaven with Jesus!
  12. Mystymantis

    Special Grizzled mantis mated females available

    I am going to try and sell at least two already mated Female Grizzled mantises for the purpose of someone else also breeding them and keeping the line going. And to get more Grizzled mantises out there in the hobby. This sale is only for advanced hobbyists and or breeders, as Grizzled mantises...
  13. Mystymantis

    pack hunters??

    LOL that's super funny! Food frenzy!
  14. Mystymantis

    Rip Bigsby the female Ghost mantis

    I did say in MOST cases there. Yes of course there is the fact of nutrition and such that might shorten lifespan. But in general animals kept in captivity do tend to live longer then animals in the wild. Regardless my mantis had a nice life. This is not meant to be a post about how people care...
  15. Mystymantis

    Rip Bigsby the female Ghost mantis

    Yes from the date she hatched until she died. And yes captivity does allow mantises to live far longer then they would in the wild in most cases. Since there are no predators and also no weather such as cold or rain. There are also certain diseases and parasites that they might encounter in the...
  16. Mystymantis

    Rip Bigsby the female Ghost mantis

    Very sad that my adult female ghost mantis Bigsby has passed on to the big mantis heaven today. She was a great and happy mantis. She lived for nearly 21 months! She was 3 days shy of being 21 months old! I think she was one of my longest living ghosts. She molted to an adult last Christmas on...
  17. Mystymantis

    Ghost mantises for sale Nymphs, ooths, adults UPDATED Price drop 2-3-23

    I have a bunch of Ghost mantises available for sale! Ghost ooths, Nymphs, and a few Adults are available. Price drop! Ghost ooths $20 each. Ghost Nymphs $7 each. Get 5 nymphs for $32. Nymphs are L2 ~ L4. Ghost Adult females $16 each Ghost Adult Male $16 each Older Adult Females $14 Each...
  18. Mystymantis

    Generic Caresheet Updates!!

    That's fine. I was just wondering if you had. Thanks anyway. Since you don't have much experience with them I would say don't waste your time since it wouldn't be much info anyway. I would say only if you had extra time or nothing else to write lol.
  19. Mystymantis

    Generic Caresheet Updates!!

    Do you have any information on Grizzled mantises? I did not see it in your caresheet though so I am assuming you just haven't worked with that species yet?