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  1. imy1245

    ISO milli’s and isopods

    UK based looking for colourful Isopods and cool millipedes
  2. imy1245

    ISO cool/different ooths

    Hey all. UK based looking for mantis ooths that are a bit different and ones that not many people have. Let me know what you have!! Happy to buy from over seas. Edit: also really interested in getting a unicorn ooth
  3. imy1245

    ISO ooths ready to hatch & bulk nymphs

    Hello all. Do let me know if anyone has any ooths that are ready to pop or bulk nymphs available please! UK based Photo of my Flow because why not
  4. imy1245

    ISO ancanthops bulk

    Hello all. I’m in search of some ancathops nymphs in bulk please? UK based
  5. imy1245

    Male lestoni needed

    Hey, really need a sub adult male for my female lestoni. Happy to buy him or do a breeding collab!!
  6. imy1245

    Male lestoni needed

    Hello all, I’m in need of a male lestoni for my sun adult female please!! Based in UK