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  1. dmina

    Looking for a bulk rate for returning breeder

    I am looking for a purchase of . I am looking to build a good quality stock... My specialty.... Ghost, violins, walibergli,  jap. boxing , creo's, popa's, giant boxer, sybilla, goldens,  orchids.. these all love the way i do things...So if you think you can put up with all my posts, pics, and...
  2. dmina


    welcome... I am also from years ago...LOL welcome back...
  3. dmina

    Hello All

  4. dmina

    Hello Mantid Forum!

    Hello... welcome... lurking is no fun... you need to jump in with both Mantis are like potato chips.. can't have just one!
  5. dmina

    Spiny Flower mantis color

    I think a lot has to do with humidity... and or colors in the environment.. hope this helps
  6. dmina

    Thinking about breeding again...

    Hello, my name is Denise, I was a resident here for a couple years... (my how time flies) So for years... I am known as a breeder... (Horses, akc dogs, show birds, hamsters, plants, fish, mantid, etc... )  well I pride myself in whatever, I have bred... I have studied inside and out... People...
  7. dmina

    Michigan Salamander ??

    Thank you all for your help.. I think returning them is not an option.. I am afraid they will die.. our weather is very icy and the ground has frozen.. (Pictures of the frozen north) I am gonna try and find some pinhead crickets.. in the enclosure, I have rolly pollies, I can't think of the...
  8. dmina

    Michigan Salamander ??

    I found these 2 critters in my shed, just after our first snow.. I rescued them but I am now trying to keep them alive.. I would like to know if anyone knows what they are? and what can I feed them? What else do I need to do to keep them healthy and happy until spring?
  9. dmina

    whole sale breeding stock,,

    I am looking for a couple more species to add to my breeding program... I have made some changes in my home life and am really excited to get my program back up to its standards.. Let me know what you have available and prices for lots of 5 or 10 nymphs per group.. I am also looking for an...
  10. dmina

    Where's Cosbyart?

    Hope things work out... Hugs
  11. dmina

    Looking for groups of nymphs

    Hello I was wondering what you had nymphs available? if you give breeder discounts? wholesale? Please pm me with Species and prices I am also in search of a few older instar male orchids... Thank you for your time Denise
  12. dmina

    Loops Collection Thread

    How are thing going? any updates?
  13. dmina

    Sarah K's Collection Thread

    LOL... it is always a bonus when you have males left over...Hope all went well and you are swimming in ghosts...hehe
  14. dmina

    Mantis Hobby interferes with Family Life Support Group

    Okay Thomas!.... This is not a spider thread! if you don't mind please keep your spiders to yourself!!! or at least give us a SPIDER WARNING! I am really trying to be tolerant to spiders... but when you just put them up here with no warning... Shame.... shame! Congrats to you on your spiders...
  15. dmina

    New to the mantis world, looking for ghost

    OH.. sorry... BTW.. I have some ghosts available... pm me if you are still interested!
  16. dmina

    Sarah K's Collection Thread

    Congrats Sarah! Looks like Things are going well LOVE the cats! best wishes on them.. How are your ghosts doing?
  17. dmina

    Loops Collection Thread

    Congrats Loops!  they look great! Any babies yet?
  18. dmina

    Have anyone used these for their Terrarium??

    Thanks for the info.. cool idea... At this time I don't think she suffered much.. cuz our temps are on the warmer side.. but I think you got the hook up for the up coming winter! Thanks for sharing
  19. dmina

    Mantis Noob