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  1. yen_saw

    mantisloverguy6000 (agent A, US)

    Thanks Alex for the wonderful package and a surprise gift as early Christmas present. Highly recommended.
  2. yen_saw


    I am so thankful to know another mantis breeder I can trade/buy mantis and also feeders food with within the city i am living in. The mantis are healthy and received in a very nice set up too. Thank you so much! 
  3. yen_saw

    Few species available

    I like good weather! This is the best time for mantis shipment :D   send me a message if you're interested with the following mantis: - Spiny flower (P wahlbergii), L3/4 and sexable presub/sub - Kenya flower (G ameona), L2/3 and L6/7 - Panther (T panterina), L2/3 - Short wing miomantis...
  4. yen_saw


    Received some bb pupa in time for my larger size mantis. Good price and great pupating rate. THanks.
  5. yen_saw


    Received wonderful mantis and ooth from Pizzaparlor45. Packing is fantastic and mantis are healthy. Highly recommended. Thanks!
  6. yen_saw

    Anatomy of the front legs

    I am not a entomologist. This is just for reference only, something I did for fun many years ago so I am not sure if it is still accurate. 
  7. yen_saw

    What Happened to Yen Saw’s Website?

    The website is on web archive, but it is not in the best way in presentation wise.
  8. yen_saw

    Several species available

    See below list of mantis available. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks. - Blepharopsis mendica L2 (SOLD) - Hierodula membranacea, L4-L5 - Phyllocrania paradoxa L2 - Epaphrodita musarum L2 (SOLD) - Omomantis zebrata L2/3 (SOLD) - Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii L2 - Rhombodera valida L2...
  9. yen_saw

    Happy birthday!!

    Thank you! and Happy New Year!
  10. yen_saw

    Several species available

    I have the following available. Prefer to ship after New Year but if you need it sooner let me know. - Cat eyes L3/4 (See pic) - Orchid L2 [SOLD] - Asian flower (Crepbroter gemmatus) L3/4 - Spiny flower (P. wahlbergii) L4/5 [SOLD] - Dead leaf (D. lobate) L2 - Dysaules longicollis adult...
  11. yen_saw


    Received well packed violin ooth. Thank you so much and looking forward to the hatching day.
  12. yen_saw

    Several species available (nymphs)

    Spiny flower mantis L2/3 Giant Asian mantis L3 African flower mantis (C lestoni) L2/3 - SOLD Cat eyes mantis (H orientalis) L2 Texas unicorn mantis L3 Ant mantis L3/4 Kenya flower mantis L3 Shield mantis L4/5 - SOLD Giant rainforest mantis L2  Thistle flower mantis, L3 Dead leaf mantis L2/3...
  13. yen_saw

    Non-Mantis related hobbies

    Keeping ant is my other hobby. Ants are bipolar of mantis, they have great social network and will not survive living by itself. I love growing a single queen into a colony. I started this hobby back in 2008. My favorite Texas ants are Texas leaf cutter ants, elongate twig ants, harvester ants...
  14. yen_saw

    Allergies to mantis frass?

    Thanks Hysteresis for the compliment i'm definitely not that important in this hobby you are too kind. Besides i'm not as active or involve since 2013. Hopefully you are not allergy to mantis and it was something easy to deal with. Most doctor will just suggest taking over the counter allergy...
  15. yen_saw

    My first Brunner babies

    From my experience, B borealis ooth that goes through cold period has shorter hatching period compared to the one that been kept in room temperature. the ooth that went through cold period usually hatched out all within a week or two, but the other incubating method could yield nymph for a very...
  16. yen_saw

    Allergies to mantis frass?

    I am highly allergic to roaches, and since mantis is closely related to roach i can develop allergy reaction by touching mantis too. There is one person I know quit mantis because of this issue. Unfortunately, allergy to mantis can also be developed over extended period of time from the close...
  17. yen_saw


    Received another wonderful package from Playingmantis. Mantis are healthy and heat pack still warm. Thanks again!
  18. yen_saw

    Several species of nymphs available

    I have the following available - Subadult pair spiny flower - L3/4 ghost - L3/4 Texas unicorn (10 left) - L2 D desiccata PM me if interested.
  19. yen_saw


    Bought some mantis from Playing mantis, everything arrived in great shape with wonderful packing! Highly recommended! Thank you so much!
  20. yen_saw

    Few species available

    I have the following mantis available. Email / PM me if interested. - Spiny flower mantis L3/4 - Texas univorn mantis L2/3 - Ghost mantis L2/3 - Kenya flower mantis (Galinthias amoena) ootheca - Dead leaf mantis L2