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  1. CutieCrawlersArt

    My Mantid collection

    Lovely babies you have there (and sorry about your Ghost baby)~ <3 Female Orchids are so beautiful, you're in for a treat! Also super jealous that you have a local pet store that stocks mantids.
  2. CutieCrawlersArt

    my mantis queens 👑

    Love their names~! I hope Josephine gets to inherit a neat title eventually~
  3. CutieCrawlersArt

    New here

    Welcome to the forum~! :D Curious to know what species you managed to hatch! I would personally recommend any of the larger green mantis species (Sphodromantis, Hierodula, Tenodera) as a starter species, if you didn't hatch them already, if only because in my experience, they were pretty...
  4. CutieCrawlersArt

    Bug Babies

    Unfortunately, financial stressors have kept me from being able to comfortably own any mantid species lately, so it's been a hot minute since I've had any wonderful mantis babies to show off (though the bug nerd in me can't help adopting several other types of arthropods [mostly garden pests...
  5. CutieCrawlersArt

    LF: Adult Female Orchid

    So my male has outlived my poor female and may still be viable, was open to possibly trying to breed for ooths again. PM please~ 
  6. CutieCrawlersArt


    Received my Gonatista grisea nymphs from Brunneria and he sent me an extra free! Very cool! Wonderfully packaged and healthy, they even made it through a shed perfectly. Always wonderful to do business with.
  7. CutieCrawlersArt

    Not Laying! T^T

    Yeah, as far as my situation goes, she still moves around and look healthy sans her big bottom. She doesn't seem too interested in food much anymore but will drink water and honey. Just gonna keep it warm for her and get her to drink lots, maybe offer her some flies every other day if the ones...
  8. CutieCrawlersArt

    Not Laying! T^T

    Same, just fixed up her new home last weekend. :3 Light's got a dimmer so I'm slowly introducing higher temps to her.
  9. CutieCrawlersArt

    LF Adult Male Ghost

    Title says it all. :3 Hit me up in PMs~
  10. CutieCrawlersArt

    Not Laying! T^T

    Yes, definitely agree with Sarah K. Thanks for the advice!
  11. CutieCrawlersArt

    Not Laying! T^T

    Egg bound? And I feed her a few flies almost every day. Sometimes a mealworm, but I guess I should cut back on those. 
  12. CutieCrawlersArt

    Not Laying! T^T

    Whoops, was away from the computer all day. She's about 2 month into her adult stage. Looks like I'll have to go and grab a heat lamp for her. &gt; 3&lt;
  13. CutieCrawlersArt

    Not Laying! T^T

    So my female Orchid has mated a few times now and she looked pretty chubby even when she hasn't eaten so I assume she's wanting to lay an ooth... but no matter where I put her, she isn't tempted to lay any ooths that I've seen. I have her usually in a large plastic tank with fake orchids, but...
  14. CutieCrawlersArt

    Hello world!

    Welcome welcome! That sure is a lot of Idolos. XD Definitely jealous of the Deroplatys! Even seen you around on FB too. :3
  15. CutieCrawlersArt

    My Collection

    Yeah. I've been warring with wanting to buy ooths of species I want, but I honestly don't have the space or resources (mostly space) for them so I decided they wouldn't have a great life here if I had like 100's of them. xD  And yeah! Anything blog-like would be good (Tumblr, from my...
  16. CutieCrawlersArt

    My Collection

    Here's a few photos of some of my mantises (but not nearly all from their photoshoot. XD) If you're interested. I've started a new Instagram detailing my mantises, wildlife photos, and some other stuff. :D Check it out:
  17. CutieCrawlersArt

    What Is This?

    I was hiking on a trail in FL and we came across this hanging from the end of a branch. What is it? It looks like a chrysalis of some sort but I was hoping it was a mantis ooth of some kind (probably not though since I don't think they lay them hanging like this?)
  18. CutieCrawlersArt

    My Collection

    Haha thanks! :D  &lt;3 I wanna try to keep my numbers low enough to be able to keep naming them individually. xD
  19. CutieCrawlersArt

    Hay from the Bay

    Welcome to the forums! Ghosts are super sweet to start with!
  20. CutieCrawlersArt

    Random Art Thread!

    I can do graphics for phone apps with specifications. :) The programming would have to be done separately though (I have no idea how to program. xD) I do know people who might be able to put one together though.