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  1. QueenIkebana

    Bug Babies

    Thats so cool! Beautiful Mantids they are/were. I think this sheet is a great idea! I love Rhino Beetles too.
  2. QueenIkebana

    Glad I found you!

    Hello, nice to meet you!
  3. QueenIkebana


    So cool! And beautiful Mantis!
  4. QueenIkebana

    My mantids (showing of their dancing and other skills)

    Adorable little ones you have there. Plenty of personality. So cute!
  5. QueenIkebana

    My Mantid collection

    Thank you very much. Yes I miss my Ghost boy. He was a little sweetheart. My Orchid girl is really robust and growing fast, and eats well. I can't wait for her to mature and see her wings. Although at the same time, I'm in no rush because I want her to live as long as possible. My local pet shop...
  6. QueenIkebana

    Male Mantis Mating Rituals

    No, I've not noticed this behaviour before. Maybe it's a personal thing that that particular male Mantis did. It's almost like the drumming that male Tarantulas do when he wants to tell the female that he wants to mate. Quite similar.
  7. QueenIkebana

    Finally got a good ooth hatch!

    Congratulations! .....The babies are adorable! 4th time lucky!
  8. QueenIkebana

    My Mantises

    Gorgeous Ghosts you have there. Nice looking Twig mantids too! USARK are doing great work! It's great to see people supporting them.
  9. QueenIkebana

    my mantis queens 👑

    Your babies are absolutely gorgeous! Josephine is adorable! I love their names. So sorry to hear about Gerry. Poor little guy.
  10. QueenIkebana

    My Mantid collection

    Thank you....Yes she is a lovely mantis, with a great personality. I love hanging out with her and I can't wait to see her wings eventually. I do miss my Ghost mantis. He was only a baby when he passed. I miss him. He was a lovely little lad. Ghosts are my favourite species of mantid.
  11. QueenIkebana

    My mantises, now and then

    Thank you very much. Yes Ghosts are beautiful creatures. I have quire a notification time and want to expand my collection. I think Chaetas are cool and woukd like to keep them. I'll do some research on them first of course.
  12. QueenIkebana

    My mantises, now and then

    This was my Ghost. He passed away about 5 weeks ago
  13. QueenIkebana

    My mantises, now and then

    Beautiful Ghosts you have there!
  14. QueenIkebana

    My Mantid collection

    If there is anymore information you need on my Mantids. I will provide!
  15. QueenIkebana

    My Mantid collection

    Ghidorah again
  16. QueenIkebana

    My Mantid collection

    Hana again
  17. QueenIkebana

    My Praying mantis butt has split open.

    Hi everyone! My African lined mantis Ghidorah is still not eating. He's still acting ok and doesn't seem to be feeling the effects of not eating. Hes still happy and inquisitive and I am offering food twice a week to him, but he isn't interested. I dont want him to be ill or anything. He seems...
  18. QueenIkebana

    My Mantid collection

    This is Hana my Orchid mantis. She is gorgeous. I bought both Mantids from my local pet shop. They ordered them in from a Mantis breeder. Hana is female because she has a little "unicorn horn " between her eye and a green collar. She's due a molt soon. I can't wait to see what she is like as an...
  19. QueenIkebana

    My Mantid collection

    This is my small collection of Mantids. Zaouli my Ghost mantis passed away 5 days ago, he was an amazing little guy. Here is Ghidorah my African lined mantis