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  1. Montana_Mantids

    hello : )

    Hello! Welcome to the forum! I’m just getting back to pinning all of my past mantises that passed away from old age. As hibiscusmile said, the freezer is the best way to dry your specimen(s) while keeping most of their pigments. I can make a video next time I get my pins out, and hopefully you...
  2. Montana_Mantids

    Firenkyo's Mantids

    Sorry for the late reply, but so excited about you getting your first mantis to adult! That is a really big achievement. Your lovely ghost if a female as Anthony said. Great job! Alex
  3. Montana_Mantids


  4. Montana_Mantids

    Deformed wings, is it too late?

    He should still be able to mate. It happens to the best of us. The good thing about a male with wrinkled wings is he won’t get injured from flying. Don’t get too down on yourself. This is just a little bump on the way to achieving your goal.
  5. Montana_Mantids

    Newbie mantid keeper - hello!

    Wow, that’s an amazing story. Hopefully everything goes well with you Rhombodera kirbyi! I hope that the rest of the forum and I can help you achieve your goals. Always makes me happy to see new mantis keepers and all sorts of mantis hobbyists join the forum. A big welcome from all of us! -Alex
  6. Montana_Mantids


    You should check out pictures of Toxodera beieri and Toxodera integrifolia. The colors on these two are unbeatable, unfortunately I havn't heard of Toxodera integrifolia being mated in captivity yet.
  7. Montana_Mantids


    Ya, looks like they have a little Christmas tree on their heads 😂😂😂
  8. Montana_Mantids


    Also Toxodera. Those are almost all breeders dream mantis, although it will most likely only stay a dream because only 2 people (that I know of) have ever breed Toxodera successfully.
  9. Montana_Mantids


    Ya! I didn’t know the Phyllothelys cornutus existed until a year ago, and If I had $1,500 and I was willing to give the risk that they wouldn’t hatch, I would be getting an ooth right now.
  10. Montana_Mantids


    Update: This morning the first of the ooths I got from Jaunte hatched there are 40+ nymphs, and I am so happy. Will 100% purchase from him again.
  11. Montana_Mantids


    Nice! I've almost never seen people selling M. Religiosa before, although I may get my hands on some wild ooths in the next week or so, and I'll message you if I find any. My favorite species has to be either Idolomantis diabolica, Gonylus gongylodes, or Phyllothelys cornutus.
  12. Montana_Mantids


    Whats your favorite species of mantises, or a species you would love to keep in the future?
  13. Montana_Mantids


    Yep. I'm currently keeping Deroplatys desiccata, Astyliasula phyllopus (ex. Hestiasula major), and Phyllocrania paradoxa, although I will be expanding my collection in the near future.
  14. Montana_Mantids


    Welcome! Hope everything goes well with the Iris oratoria! -Alex
  15. Montana_Mantids

    Hello from Pennsylvania!

    Hello! Welcome to the forum! -Alex
  16. Montana_Mantids


    Hi Max! I hope you succeed with Choeradodis. Contact me when you have them available. They are one of the species I’d love to be able to breed. Keep us posted about your mantises 😁 -Alex
  17. Montana_Mantids


    Made a trade with Jaunte a few days ago, and I have nothing but positive things to say. He sent me two beautiful ghost ooths (larger than I was expecting) and he is very understanding and easy to talk to.
  18. Montana_Mantids

    Gut loading flies

    I’ve never tried gecko food, but honey and fruit do pretty well for me.
  19. Montana_Mantids

    Bug art pieces

    You should try drawing a Stenophylla. Dragon mantises are the coolest.
  20. Montana_Mantids

    Bug art pieces

    Those are great!