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  1. Mushimart

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Thank you! For now I have many T. sinensis. I adore them and their curious little faces so much. I would love to branch out soon, thinking of getting a wahlbergii soon.
  2. Mushimart

    How i pack my parcel

    Love this! Thanks for the step by step. It's a big help!
  3. Mushimart

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hi all! I love bugs! I'm a hobbyist who mainly raises tarantula and moths but lately i've gotten into the world of mantids. I'm starting with easy species until I get the hang of their care. I post a lot of bug ID's on iNaturalist. I'm interested in learning all about the biology and habits of...
  4. Mushimart

    FOR SALE, Chinese Mantis (Tenodera sinensis) L1-L2

    I've got a lots of newly hatched Chinese Mantis nymphs. Currently they range from L1-L2. Feeding on flightless fruit flies. They are super cute and active! ~~~ 7$/ per nymph + shipping Or 20$/ for 5 + shipping Bulk orders available just let now know and we’ll work something out. ~~~...