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  1. patrickfraser

    What's new?

    HI, everybody. lol It's been a long time. No mantids for me currently or for a very long time.
  2. patrickfraser

    Sphodromantis viridis electroformed in copper as a pendant

    I recently made these pendants from some Sphodromantis viridis females that didn't fare well in the mating thunderdome and thought I'd see if I could electroform them.  I think they turned out pretty cool.
  3. patrickfraser

    Sphodromantis viridis nymphs

    I have some Sphodromantis viridis nymphs available (L1-L2)  Please let me know if you'd be interested in any and price you'd be willing to pay.  Shipping would be priority and run $6-10.
  4. patrickfraser

    Hisser and Dubia overload

    I have roach colonies I wouIld like to thin out.  I have adults and nymphs of both hisser and dubia roaches.  If interested, please pm me with what you would want and for how much.  Shipping would be by priority and probably be $6-10.
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  6. patrickfraser


    They are waiting for offers and then sell to the highest offers. A, a seasoned member offered $4 each and wanted 10, whereas B, a new member, offered $ 10 each and wanted 10 also, and then C, a reseller, Offers $5 each and wants as many as possible. Depending on availability, they may all get...
  7. patrickfraser

    Hi From Peru, new in this forum

    Welcome. It is up to you to prove yourself honorable by sticking around, enjoying the hobby and the forum, and without scamming fellow hobbyists. Time will tell...
  8. patrickfraser


    Lookee there, you gained one. Congrats. It really means nothing other than you post and has no regard whether content is good or bad.
  9. patrickfraser


    Follow tracking closely and talk to your mail person about possible options.
  10. patrickfraser

    Sphodromantis Viridis Nymph

    Looking good. So little, but it get's so big. Enjoy the babies. :D
  11. patrickfraser

    OOPSI POOPSI! I've lost my head!

    The female has laid 3 ooths so far with the first hatching a couple days ago. #2&3 for sale in classifieds.
  12. patrickfraser

    Sphodromantis viridis ooths for sale

    I was waiting on the 1st ooth to hatch before listing any for sale, so I now have 2 available. The 1st ooth hatched a couple days ago. Both ooths laid by the same female with multiple partners. The ooth on the left is the 2nd ooth and should be hatching in 1-2 weeks (HURRY!)and the ooth on the...
  13. patrickfraser

    Who am I ?

    Some type of Creobroter, but which I do not know.
  14. patrickfraser

    Please help, ants invading

    You need to find where they have made access. I had some come in through the window. Find the trail and work your way back to where they have made access. I use cayenne pepper to form a barrier at the access point and they won't cross it. If I am able to locate where they are coming from...
  15. patrickfraser

    PayPal new TOS opts you into robocalls, robotexts

    I have better things to do than waste a telemarketers time by wasting more of my own. Enjoy it, I guess. They probably get paid by the hour and don't care. :lol:
  16. patrickfraser

    PayPal new TOS opts you into robocalls, robotexts

    Just opted out. Found this link in an article. they say it's for Paypal to keep in touch with you, but I call BS. I clicked link, logged into paypal, and was given an 800 number and a passcode to contact customer service...
  17. patrickfraser

    Just saying

    Hold on...I gotta check my Facebook. :lol:
  18. patrickfraser

    Blowfly aka Bluebottle

    It's easy and saves money, plain and simple. Y'all nay-sayers can keep on spending excess cash on shipping feeders, but I will not. When shipping is more costly than what's being shipped, it's a NO GO for me.
  19. patrickfraser

    Blowfly aka Bluebottle

    I use canned dog food and just get a mix of flies by leaving it outside in my shed. I dump a can of chunky dog food in a large bucket that contained cat litter and that goes into a trash barrel with cornmeal or tamale flour at the bottom. I only allow flies to lay eggs for a day or two and...