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  1. cometmoth

    Breeding Panther mantises

    Feed the male and female well. They can be aggressive and attack anything if hungry. What I did is put the female on a long bamboo cane, and give her food, then intrifude the male facing her back behind her as she eats. From there, he should notice her in time and hop on. Very eager to mate...
  2. cometmoth

    spiny flower mantis uncommon roach species and more

    located in whittier ca Centrobolus Splendidus sexed pairs $45 Platymeris sp Mombo 6ct nymphs $40 Platymeris laevicollis 3ct nymphs $25 Deropeltis paulinoi 10ct $35 Gyna caffrorum chrome roach 20ct $30 Springtail cup $10 Cubaris Panda King 20ct $25 Dairy cow isopods 15ct $10 Armadillidium...
  3. cometmoth

    Mantis with purple front legs

    how interesting. i imagine they function like the boxer species for communicating.
  4. cometmoth

    Spiny flower mantis with yellow

    what fantastic specimens
  5. cometmoth

    Mantids and other inverts

    tarantula prices firm, all others negotiable. Let’s make a deal, I need to clear out space. very motivated to sell. price matching. Shipping from California. Pickup in Whittier-riverside area. Praying Mantis Aquamarine (Prohierodula ornatipennis) Mature female + subadult male $110 Aquamarine...
  6. cometmoth

    Haven't been visit the mantis forum since covid, but it seems I'm not the only one.

    i love it here. I wish more people used it. but the current discussion has moved to other platforms it seems.. sadly. the wealth of knowledge that remains here keeps me coming back.
  7. cometmoth


    Received a good number of duckies from @Acro at a great deal! Despite numerous delays, communication remained good and ultimately I was pleased with my order! :)
  8. cometmoth

    New website, help test and get 10% off first order!

    citharomantis falcata?
  9. cometmoth

    need help finding food for ghost mantis

    You could try catching wild food outside if the environment is clean!
  10. cometmoth

    Help with Deroplatys Lobata

    good to hear it is recovering. I agree with @agent A , looks more like truncata
  11. cometmoth

    Helping females lay ooths

    keeping them hydrated and with a variety of surfaces to lay on is just about as much as you can do.. an infertile ooth can take a while before its finally laid, females seem to try to hold onto the eggs for as long as they can.
  12. cometmoth

    Orchids, Arizona Unicorns

    Orchid Mantis nymphs (Hymenopus coronatus) - $25 ea, discounts on 3+ Java Shield Mantis (Rhombodera stalii) - $10 Arizona Unicorn Mantis (Pseudovates arizoneae) RARE US NATIVE - $20 Shipping from Whittier, CA. PM for more info
  13. cometmoth

    [FS] Rhombodera stalii adult male, Egyptian Blepharopsis, Acanthops erosula

    Rhombodera stalii male Blepharopsis mendica Egypt locale i2 -20$ ea Limited Acanthops erosula i2- 20$ ea Phrynus longipes -Rare, beautiful amblypygid widespread throughout the carribbean, Puerto Rico locale- 50$ ea, limited numbers Shipping from Whittier CA 90605 Local pickup available...
  14. cometmoth

    Ghost mantid breeding?

    He’ll ride for a while, just give him some time. Looking good!
  15. cometmoth

    Ghost mantid breeding?

    Patience, ghosts can be infuriating to breed. Don't do anything to startle them, I would recommend not even being in the same room while they get started.
  16. cometmoth

    Why did no one tell me odontomantis can teleport?

    Definitely not a species that you're going to want to be handling with much frequency, as you mentioned. The speed comes with being an ant mimic species. Try not to bother them too much while feeding or doing maintenance, but when feeding/cleaning smaller species or nymphs, I like to do it on a...
  17. cometmoth

    Damon diadema bit me!

    In my experience, Damon species, and particularly diadema, are rather picky... they do seem to enjoy red runner roaches, but ignore other species like Nauphoeta cinerea. Crickets are certainly their favorites though. Moths and flies may be difficult for them to catch.
  18. cometmoth

    Available Hierodula

    I suggest posting this along with pricing details in the classifieds section of the forum.
  19. cometmoth

    Damon diadema bit me!

    She is likely fine and was simply startled. My medius reacts similarly upon being touched. I've been pricked good by the larger ones many times.