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  1. nasty bugger

    Guess What?!!!!!

    Well, I don't think the newborn mantis' will be able to get on the rides cause they won't make the 'this tall' requirement to ride, but they should be there when you get back :) Enjoy, the two days, then the new guys. Fruitflies in with the ooths.
  2. nasty bugger

    Dying flower mantis

    ... run amok Maybe the fly had insecticide on it, or maybe the mantis was punctured by something, maybe it ate the brown acid or maybe the splotches aren't really there and you ate the brown acid... Could be a mold or something that has infected the mantis. I have only bought ootts and raised...
  3. nasty bugger

    How best to pick up a Chinese mantis?

    I usually use the line " you've got some beautiful eyes" and they seem to dig it... I usually put my finger or hand down and let them climb up on it. Simple enough. If they want off before I get where I'm going I cup my other hand over/around them lightly. Rarely did I have to pinch them up.
  4. nasty bugger

    Question on Chinese mantids

    The one's inside probably have optimal temps and food, so they grow faster, but the saying is 'the faster they grow, the faster they die' as their life will be shortened with accelerated growth. I had chinese matids put out an ooth in 3 months, then I think she got into the diatomacious earth...
  5. nasty bugger

    Mantis has psychedellic experience!

    Good to know what to look out for. Now, can you pass the azalea's... Maybe 25 years ago, but today I'll just stick to looking at them, and reminicing :)
  6. nasty bugger

    A versicolor just took a big leap in growth

    That's what happened Peter. It molted, and it has been getting bigger much faster, or so it seems. When I gave if fruit flies and small crickets it was just staying about the same, but when I started giving it flies and roaches it seemed to grow almost daily. Maybe it was just coincidence...
  7. nasty bugger

    Water for mantis?

    I have a fish aquarium that has a long aerator bar in it, and it causes water to come up from the top of the surface water when the bubbles rise and burst. If you had a mesh bottom on the mantis enclosure, and sat it over the aquarium, I would bet that enough water from that action would water...
  8. nasty bugger

    Mantis auto feeder

    I am building a 'planted aquarium tank' that is mainly comprised of plants, and fish secondly. I well supplement the plants with CO2 for plant feeding. I suppose if one were to build a bamboo enclosure that would also serve as a lid/top for the aquarium, the the CO2 could come through the...
  9. nasty bugger

    Making a Vivarium

    I'm planning, and have the materials for a vivarium similar to Tony's description, but the main difference is the plan I got, from a frog breeder, and mine is for frogs, has a space on the bottom. The waffle type grid like you see between some ceiling lights and the room below, Has stand offs...
  10. nasty bugger

    Water for mantis?

    They have to accept misting here cause down here we don't accept american express, and visa doesn't won't deal with mantids, and I ain't keepin' no tab for a mantis :) They could be eaten in a bar fight at anytime, and that's a no joy situation ;) I never 'watered' the guys, but I misted...
  11. nasty bugger

    James' Cricket Ice-Cream Tubbery Extraordinaire

    I watched the crickets swarm the soil tubs and could see through the plastic and the eggs looked like something had just pushed a pin or something into the soil and left a filled void with thin kinda clear plastic colored splinters. like the color our plastic milk containers are, not like glass...
  12. nasty bugger

    Lets see the face behind the username!

    There is no such thing as too much bugs bunny. I insist you retract the statement that there is such a state of being! :) Now I know what to look for when I travel through Yuma :) You also know why I wanted to enlist to go to Australia also, but I never made it there :) Maybe one day...
  13. nasty bugger

    Lets see the face behind the username!

    I don't have any pics of me on the computer, and don't publish them anyway, but y'all look like fine folks. I usually put a pic of my harley on when somebody wants to see what I look like, but I don't know how to post them on here :) Now y'all know why I told them I'd enlist in the military...
  14. nasty bugger

    James' Cricket Ice-Cream Tubbery Extraordinaire

    Would that be new kitty litter you'd have others use for the squirters Phil...or does that depend on who it is that needs the help, maybe ? What's the temp in Oz right now? It's 11pm here and a mere 89 degrees in the other un airconditioned rooms of my apt, so my crickets are thriving in their...
  15. nasty bugger

    A versicolor just took a big leap in growth

    Don't know if it was just time or what, but I fed a small roach last week and some flies this week and it seems like he put alot of body mass on, and I don't see any molt. I suppose the flies and roach were just meatier and juicier, maybe... Seems like he almost doubled in size in the last...
  16. nasty bugger

    Mantis hanging out on rim of fish aquarium

    I don't know if he's just there for a drink, but he seems poised to snatch a fish, if it comes to surface close enough. I'm wondering if he could actually harm one of my fish, neons and danios. He doesn't seem to have a menacing look on his mug, but do you think I should mount one of the...
  17. nasty bugger

    Feeding crickets

    At the reptile show this weekend the guy from cricketsdirect said to use chick feed that is designed for chicken chicks. He said he uses the stuff with vitamins added, and it works great for the crickets. I know that Chuck at spider Pharm said that with a protein supplement that the...
  18. nasty bugger

    Fruit Flies

    You can ask if they have some that cook meals and clean house too, that would be ideal ! You can ask them if they give the stuff to them that the octuplets came from, if the flies will reproduce that much faster.. whoo, you could start getting welfare also, just name the fly babies... and you...
  19. nasty bugger

    Can Crickets chew through plastic screen, really ?

    Well, about a month back I had some large crickets in a plastic bag and in a couple days there was a hole in the bag, and no more crickets. They did hit the bag quite a but in all fairness, I also had some mantis' running free, and they may have gone up and punched the bag, striking at the...
  20. nasty bugger

    feeder insects

    And I though Phil was an english teacher, not a algebra or philosophy professor :P That would all depend on several variables, what type and nutrition the particular feeder has, the temperature at which you keep your mantis, I would imagine that the aggression between and if there are...