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    Screen House

    Thanks for the replies. In hind sight i should have put the zipper on one of the side panels which would have allowed a much longer zipper for better access. I am considering making a much lighter weight version out of no-seeum netting/coated 2.2oz nylon floor with full length side zipper. we'll...
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    Screen House

    Here is a picture link for a Screen Enclosure i made yesterday for my african stick mantis. It was a 2 hour sewing job and a bit of a pain But he/she sure likes all the room..been climbing the walls(literally)! Sides/top are standard fiberglass window screen, floor is 70d cordura coated nylon...
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    Moving oothecae

    What are some of the storage options for a fertile ooth that you would like to hatch out in say June? I had an H.Multispina lay an ooth last week. Or point me to a thread discussing this issue would be great-Thanks!
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    Mantis Pets is a Great place to buy Mantids and has a wealth of information for Mantis & Reptile care..Great Folks to deal with- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
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    Exo Terra Explorarium-All Mesh Collapsable Enclosure

    Thanks for all the input guys...I remember making a screen top for my 2.5gal aquarium from fiberglass/plastic screen..crickets ate right through it! Is this a problem with the explorarium or other mesh enclosures?? Thanks again-CV
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    Exo Terra Explorarium-All Mesh Collapsable Enclosure

    Was wondering if any of you all have used or have any experience with these enclosures...they look like an old japanese beetle trap..but are interesting. I remember reading somewhere about using collapsable laundry baskets as well? Thanks-ChrisV
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    African Stick Mantis (Heterochaeta Sp) Couple of pictures of my stick mantis at L3...looks like he was ready to take flight with arms cool!
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    FOR SALE: Texas Unicorn nymphs!

    What kind of video camera setup are you using for these videos? Thanks- such crisp detail, beautiful!
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    Just was wondering...will mantids in the wild or in captivity crossbreed? ie- will a chinese female breed with a male shield, etc?? I have no intention of trying it..but just wondered if it occured..Thanks
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    Mantids in Winter Months?

    Just was wondering...based on the idea that ooths could be forced to incubate/hatch at staggered times..Do any of you all keep mantids thru the winter months(USA winter months that is)...?? Obviously it is not winter everywhere at the same time in the i guess you could keep them year...
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    What Kind of Cameras?

    Howdy all, was wondering is there are any suggestions on cameras (digital) that you all have found that produce good macro/close-ups for mantids or other small critter pictures...Currently use a kodak easy share 10mp but the close ups are always blurred and the flash puts a terrible glare on...
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    Chinese - How many molts before adult?

    6-8 months or so in average i'm told...usually they don't go much beyond late fall..
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    Chinese - How many molts before adult?

    The Chinese mantis i had recently (since he was 1/2" long) went through 6 molts to reach adult size(about 3 1/2"). The molts were 8-9 days apart exactly. I've heard 6-8 molts is typical for these guys to mature..
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    Lighting for Mantids

    Hello all, i don't see much info about lighting requirements for mantids anywhere (even on the mantis care sheets)...I know the chinese mantids around the house often will sit on top of shrubs getting full sun exposure during the day...Anyone have any thoughts on lighting,requiremnts in general...
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    Bad To The Bone!!

    Howdy, got a Hierodula Parviceps (Asian Marbled Mantis) a couple days ago..."Very Agressive and will eat any kind of insect"...SOOOO True!! Your fingers included...This guy is SCARY..Very Intimidating with good reason. I put i thin cotton liner glove on before trying to move this guy..he...
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    Substrate for Mantids

    Have any of you used hermit crab sand or playbox sand as a base for your mantids? Give your thoughts and/or concerns...Thanks much!
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    Hi from NC

    Thanks for the post & welcome from you all!!
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    FOR SALE: Brunneria borealis nymphs

    Hi Precarious, i sent you a PM response about getting a couple brunners from you..did you receive it? Thanks again-CV
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    Net/Mesh Cages vs. Glass/Plastic Enclosures

    I recently made a screen top for my 10 gallon aquarium...used the plastic/fiberglass screen...Guess What! The Crickets promptly chewed holes in it and escaped! Went back to aluminum screen without issue....
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    Hi from NC

    Hi my name is Chris and i'm new to the forum..I've always admired the praying mantis. Was a big fan of the 70s TV show Kung Fu with David Carradine. About 3 months ago i found a baby mantis on the wall in the house! I took it as a sign of good luck and raised him thru 5 molts..on the final molt...